Was sind PMS, Peri-Menopause, oder Menopause?

Verschiedene Gruppen von Frauen tragen rosa für das Bewusstsein für Brustkrebs

Since most medical doctors aren’t educated in the smarter realm of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) we as compounding pharmacist(s) and individual (s) has to be very diplomatic in our way of asking for help in this field. It’s been my experience in my “neck of the woods” in northern Alberta, Canada that roughly 50 percent of the doctors whom I deal with are “warm” towards BHRT and 50% are “cold” or “paralyzed my confusion”.

Let’s understand it!

After all myself as a drug expert didn’t know that the body had three kinds of estrogens when I first started learning the many new concepts involved with BHRT about seven decades back. The thing I did do is keep an open mind! What we begin with is your work up through: educating the patient using a cd rom and a excellent web site; collecting the evidence whether that be saliva or blood testing or both; using a health history filled out together with any questions the patient may have generated in the educational step.

Once these three essential steps are accomplished then we sit down and do a comprehensive consultation by assessing all these preceding parameters which have been obtained. We write out an unvalidated prescription for this individual to take to their primary care doctor. If this doctor is “hot” to BHRT then it’s a “slam dunk” for a touch to proceed. If however that physician is “cold” then I remind the individual they’ve fulfilled their obligation by telling their primary care doctor of their intent and they still wish to keep that doctor for other healthcare expertise but they will seek another physician that’s comfortable in this BHRT specialty area. To put it differently, the principal care doctor has no right to “hold them hostage” so to say due to their opinion only.

Gut zu wissen

DHEA as a minimum. As a bonus I love to see their newest complete CBC and differential including TSH, free T4 and at least one completely free T3. Then take this to your PCCA member compounding pharmacist as they’re truly the best trained compounders out there in general. Let the pharmacist direct you and then present the job up to your physician in that order. We then fill the prescription(s), counsel thoroughly and invite you to call any day if additional questions arise the handouts cannot answer.

We follow up at approximate two week intervals until we’re comfortable that we have you “zoned in” and have you feeling the best that’s possible. We then recheck amounts in 6 to 12 months according to individual preference. Then we may look at other areas like tweaking your thyroid, adrenal glands, nutrition, etc.. It’s ideal to get one part of the”orchestra in tune ” and then proceed to the next to avoid confusion.