What Are Health Benefits Of Being Grateful?

Young woman showing her heartfelt gratitude and thanks clasping her hands to her heart with a pleased smile on, isolated on pink

Does your attitude really matter? Can you improve your anxiety levels, your mood, as well as your immune system by being thankful? Researchers are currently confirming this is correct, and that’s great news for you!

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Despite the fact that I often find spinal misalignments which are affecting a person’s health, I still believe the most effective change somebody can make is in their mindset. The programmers of Chiropractic believed that injury to the spine could be physical, chemical, or psychological. When patients ask, “How did I get this way?” It can be any of these things. Among the side effects of a chiropractic adjustment is an abrupt rise.

That endorphin increase can elevate mood, for certain. When you are feeling better, you have a tendency to be less grumpy, depressed or stressed. Focusing on what you are thankful for could have a similar impact, and you can do it anytime. Changing your attitude can occur quickly, but it doesn’t mean it is a simple thing to do. Sometimes, we get stuck focusing on our problems and it can quickly begin to sour everything around us.

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When I find that I’m really struggling finding anything to be positive about, I know I’m in trouble and the quickest way to snap out of it is to begin thinking of things I’m grateful for. The listing can start small and simple. You do not always have to begin with”I’m thankful for my family and I have a job,” but you can. A simple exercise is to choose something which you would ordinarily take for granted and actually begin to appreciate everything that goes along with it.

There’s so much complex work and past history that goes to our daily conveniences, it is staggering how much we do not appreciate. How about electricity? Are you thankful for that? I know I am.

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Do you take it for granted? I know I do. You will need to view something, so you stroll over to flip a switch and the light turns on. But there’s a lot more to it. How about being thankful that Ben Franklin did his job with electricity? Then Thomas Edison worked on a light bulb to bring light into our houses? Or the electrician that wired up your residence? The electrical company working behind the scenes to track the grid to be certain it’s all working smoothly? The repair crews that come out within hours to fix damage to electrical lines after a bad storm?

The job that you go to that allows to get paid enough to pay your electric bill on time so the light will do the job? Your legs which allow you to walk over to the change? You can go on and on about something as straightforward as electricity. I’d wager you could fill pages only being thankful for everything you could brainstorm about this very simple thing. What about your health? Typically, we have far more good going on with our wellbeing than bad. The patients we see are still portable and can tell us what is wrong. There’s gratitude to be found only in that.

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