What Are Good Treatments For Tension Headaches?

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Tension headaches are not life-threatening, but they can be a common occurrence for many people. These headaches can be very painful for anyone who is suffering from them. Tension headaches are often referred to as a “primary headache” by the medical community. Have you ever felt like a band was circling your eyes and your temples? It’s called tension headache.


It’s like a tight band-rubber band or metal band, clamp, or whatever you want to call them-that goes around your head. The tight feeling gets worse and more agonizing. This pain is usually mild but can vary in intensity. Although the exact cause of tension headaches cannot be determined scientifically, it can be caused by many things. Tension headaches can be caused by stress, both emotional and physical.

Tension headaches can quickly develop when a patient is placed in a difficult situation, either emotionally or physically. It usually starts as a tight sensation in your skull and then becomes excruciating pain later. Tension headache symptoms can be treated with simple, inexpensive, or even non-prescription medications.

Primary Headaches

Primary headaches should not occur in a predictable manner. If they become a frequent occurrence, a visit to the doctor is recommended. This will allow for a more thorough evaluation and rule out a larger problem. Tension headaches should not be caused by emotional or physical stress.

It is worth being concerned if you start to feel headaches out of nowhere. If the symptoms are persistent or start appearing out of the blue, this is a sign that the patient should seek medical attention. Tension headaches can be severe if one eye feels numb. Some people feel the pain is almost too severe to bear and want to rip out their hair. If the pain is so severe that the eyes or nose bleed, it could be a cluster headache.

Cluster Headaches

These can appear suddenly and disappear over time. They are characterized by a painful sensation at the rear end of the eye. These feelings can be severe enough to cause a medical emergency. The patient should seek immediate medical attention, as the pain can be debilitating.