Was sind gute Sinus-Behandlungen?

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Sinusitis can lead to severe sinusitis symptoms, including severe pain in the sinuses. This condition causes severe pain in the jaw, cheekbones, and teeth. Sometimes, it can also cause frequent headaches. There are many options for sinus pain relief, including non-medicinal options.

Sinus Pain

There are many options available to relieve sinus pain. To quickly get relief, steam inhalation is one of your easiest options. Simply fill a pot with boiling water, place a towel on top of your head so that the towel covers the utensil, and then inhale the steam. This will moisten your nasal passages and make it easier to remove the mucus. Nasal sprays are another great way to relieve sinus pain.

These sprays are either non-medicated, or medicated. Non-medicated sprays contain only a saline solution. The medicated sprays contain decongestants which are used to clear inflamed nasal membranes. Both these nasal sprays can be used to clear the sinus cavities of mucus. However, unlike non-medicated sprays the medicated sprays can cause patients to become addicted.

Versuchen Sie dies!

Hot compresses can also provide instant relief. Depending on your condition, this can be done multiple times per day. This would relieve you from the severe sinusitis-induced pain. It will also increase blood circulation to the area where the compresses were applied, which will make it easier for your body to fight off future infections.

Sinus pain can also be caused by dry or humid air. Humidity can cause nasal membrane swelling, which can lead to further blockage. Dry air, on the other hand, can congeal and inhibit the flow of mucus. A humidifier can be used in your home to solve this problem.


These humidifiers are easy to use and can be found at large-box stores at a relatively low price. It is recommended that you sleep on the bed with your head and shoulders slightly raised. This will encourage drainage of mucus from the sinuses. To keep your upper body elevated while lying on the bed, you can prop yourself up with pillows. This is a simple but effective way to treat sinus problems. Sinus pain can be treated with the many above-mentioned tricks. Use them to improve your condition.