Was ist mit der persönlichen Sicherheit von Frauen in Bars?

Shot of young men and women enjoying a party. Group of friends having drinks at nightclub.

Bars are often advertised as areas to go after work with friends to unwind from the daily grind. Pictures occasionally show a group of girls celebrating a bachelorette getting married or a birthday celebration in full swing. In print ads and TV advertisements, you will always find the smiles, the glasses that are raised, and the beverages of all colours enticing you to come in and join the party while singing your favorite song on the karaoke machine.

Was passiert hier?

What you will not ever see is the guy in the trunk visually stalking the 1 girl who came alone and is on her fifth glass of wine. You won’t find the men at the bar yelling at each other over a bad call on the TV baseball game. They never promote the mismatch outfit of personalities that alter because of intoxication. With these potential problems at hand, it’s simply best to prevent the bars altogether? No.

You may still have your fun so long as you think about a few simple Do’s and Don’ts to guarantee safety at the pub. Don’t go alone. Even if you’re not in the mood, have a friend. Groups are better because you’re not as likely to be targeted by would be attacker. Also, having a friend (or two or three) means someone has your back if any random craziness occurs.

Boys and sports, right?

If you are really on a blind date, it does not hurt to get your buddies “randomly” be in exactly the exact same bar you are meeting this man. Blind means that you don’t understand him at all, so trust has not yet been established. Do drink in moderation. Too much alcohol impairs the ruling. Bars can get disorienting if you have had one too many, and some folks may be looking for a simple target.

Again, a buddy can keep you in line if you happen to go over the border. Don’t be too flirtatious. Guys go to bars to search for women. You’re noncommittal advances might be taken wrong. You simply can’t trust a man to know when you are serious and when you are not. You might just draw the wrong type of guy. Do watch your drink. Spiking bar drinks isn’t new, but also many women believe it won’t happen to them. Keep eyes in your drink and don’t accept free drinks from anyone. Don’t go unarmed.


Honestly, you are in a crowded area with drinking strangers. Have a can of pepper spray handy in your purse. Better still, take self classes. You don’t need to maintain a dark parking garage to fall prey to an attack. On a lighter note, once the hockey game goes sour and the fists start flying, you can defend yourself from an accidental attack by a belligerent fan before leaving with your pals.