Was ist mit der Eileiterumkehr-Operation? Das Leben ändert sich!

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If you’re a who has had your tubes tied or what’s called a and regret the decision that is for you. I believe at some pint in our own lives we have all done things we regret. For many women, having a tubal ligation is something which they wish they had never agreed to.

Whether it’s because you need more children or because you’re with that you would like to turn back the hands of time. Can it be done? Can time be turned back you had never consented to get your tubes tied? Most times when a woman decides she made the decision too fast and would like to have another child she’s told to check into .

IVF does help many couples in order to have a child but it also has its drawbacks. First, there’s the expense of the treatment. Many couples today can’t just manage to spend somewhere in the ballpark of $10,000 with no warranties that the first round of therapy will work. Religious reasons stop other couples from pursuing IVF. Others are simply not comfortable with the entire process and would like to find another way.

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But, is there another way to have a kid of your own after a tubal ligation aside from IVF? There is and it’s called tubal ligation reversal surgery. is the process where the fallopian tubes which were damaged or blocked are repaired by a surgeon. This”undoes” the congestion and allows the and egg to meet so that can happen. Each cycle the couple gets the opportunity to become pregnant. Many couples go on to have more than 1 kid after the reversal surgery was completed.

The expense of is much less than that of IVF. Reversal operation by the leading doctors costs about $6,000. Cost can be kept down with the surgery done as an outpatient procedure as opposed to in the hospital. Keeping down the cost is something which lots of couples are concerned about and having the procedure performed this manner lets them get to their regular routines and families quicker.

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The success rate of ligation reversal is often as large as 80%. There are factors that will need to be taken into account when researching this sort of surgery.

  • Age at the time of reversal. Because we become less fertile as we become older it could lead to taking a longer time to conceive.
  • The damage to the fallopian tubes at the time the tubal ligation was performed. This is where picking the surgeons with the most experience are significant. The major center has a 98% repair rate. These are the surgeons who will try to fix fallopian tubes that other surgeons state are unable to be repaired.
  • Age and variable of your spouse. It’s implied that if your spouse hasn’t fathered any children of his own then a sperm analysis may be in order. Tubal ligation reversal surgery is becoming far more popular and is of as the most natural way to conceive after having a tubal ligation. Over time the word has gotten out and many couples that weren’t familiar with IVF have gone onto finish their families with the assistance of this surgery.


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