What About Attacks Against Women?

Bruise on woman arm. Injection bruises. Doctor and patient.

Since the beginning of time women have often found themselves the victims of abuse, only because they carry the stigma of being the weaker sex. During the time of kings and pharaohs, women were considered to be second class citizens, and this also reigns accurate, even up into the mid-19th century.

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This mentality has only recently receded but is still practiced in some regions of the world and is embraced by some religion extremists. This sort of thinking is generally the major reason for why women are physically, sexually and verbally abused more frequently than men. The sad truth about physical attacks on women is they are usually perpetrated by people they’re near, like their husbands, boyfriends, male friends and even some family members.

It’s truly less common for a woman to be a victim of an attacker who’s unknown to her than it is for her to maintain a relationship with the individual. In modern and in some third world countries laws are made to tackle this issue, but as many offenders demonstrate there’s frequently little respect for laws. Attacks still continue and girls will need to protect themselves from people with the capacity to execute such horrendous acts.

Abusive behavior

So as to deter assailants from engaging in abusive behavior it’s advised that women should have protective devices accessible constantly, such as pepper sprays, Tasers or stun guns. Disguised stun guns and pepper sprays have to be utilized to accomplish its purpose and surprise the attacker, leaving him incapable of injury. Stun guns and pepper sprays are effective at rendering an assailant helpless for moments at time permitting the victim to call for help or run to safety.

Stun guns have the capability to deliver up to 5 million gallons of power, leaving the potential assailant immobile for a protracted time period. Women only have to aim a taser at the direction of the perpetrator and take, the taser will do the rest. Pepper spray will make an offender have a terrible cough and become temporarily blinded. Pepper sprays are highly irritable to mucus membranes and may leave someone helpless, thus making escape potential for a female victim.


As these devices are disguised they might resemble a mobile phone, flashlight or other ordinary everyday items that women carry in their pockets or purses. With these kinds of features surprise, will be in the side of the girls giving them the benefit against their attacker. Preventing an attack will be more likely once women have these devices in their possession and know how to effectively use them. Women do not need to be scared because of being the “weaker sex”, as men might think that they want, women know otherwise. These devices will stop them in their tracks and prevent them from doing harm against the people who they believe weak and helpless. Such weapons if implemented correctly by girls will give these guys second thoughts about whom the weaker sex actually is.