Welche Selbstverteidigungsprodukte für Frauen gibt es?


It’s only a fact that women are, by at least a nine to one margin, a lot more likely to be victims of assaults from domestic violence to rape and everywhere in between. So it only seemed a matter of time before manufacturers of self defense products took trend into consideration when coming up with colours to their products that would attract women.

Produkte zur Selbstverteidigung

To adapt fashion conscious women and keep them safe with terrific self defense products brands had introduced a sexy pink private version pepper spray with 10% OC concentration. This variant has a flip top cap, finger grip dispenser and key chain attachment. It’s 10 one second bursts which have a selection of around 12 feet. It was also introduced a hot pink colour in their favorite Pepper Gun. This uses a new delivery system which enables a spray from any angle even upside down. The new system allows for the best variety of any pepper spray on the market-up to 25 feet.

The Pepper gun includes a trigger activated LED lighting for increased accuracy when shooting batteries for the light, a water test cartridge not to mention the Pepper Gun dispenser and a 28 g OC cartridge. Refills are available for the water and OC cartridge. A leather or nylon holster is available also. Not to be outdone by anyone, Stun Master the earliest and most admired of stun gun manufacturers has included a new hot pink colour to the great’Pretender’ lineup of powerful stun guns. At 950,000 volts it’s among the strongest in the market and because it seems so much like a camera mobile phone nobody will guess what it is.