Was sollten Sie über Tubenreversionen und Schwangerschaftsverlust wissen?

Tubenligatur oder chirurgisches Verfahren Tubektomie in der operativen Gynäkologie Konzept Foto. Arzt bindet mit Seil Eileiter Modell der weiblichen Geschlechtsorgane Gebärmutter und Eierstöcke. Chirurgische Sterilisation

There are lots of women each year which have a tubal reversal so as to recover their fertility to have another kid. The tubal reversal travel is one which can be quite emotional and stressful at times but it also helps fantasies of family come true. Many women with a tubal ligation reversal so as to provide their new partner a child. The new partner has no kids and this is a dream come true for most couples.


With the tubal ligation reversal travel there may also be heartbreak. Though the rate of miscarriage isn’t higher with having ones tubes untied it might look like it is. Women who have had a tubal reversal are usually quite in tune with their body and cycle. Many times they feel every little twinge and wish to start testing for pregnancy even before a missed period. Many women know just when they’re due to ovulate and with the use of ovulation predictor kits and basal body tempting.

The tubal reversal message board has many girls that discuss this journey. There are a few that question if menopause is more prevalent following the reversal. The rate of miscarriage isn’t higher but the majority of women don’t watch for impending pregnancy symptoms and signs like those who have been a reversal process do. Miscarriage occurs more than we think it does in a normal circumstance. The difference is we don’t use a pregnancy test for every little twinge and we’re much less conscious of what our bodies do. Although miscarriage is extremely normal for all women it’s still heartbreaking. It’s a journey that many don’t expect and wouldn’t wish on any other person.

But there’s hope and for the majority a normal healthy pregnancy will follow. The exact same is true for people who have gone through the reversal process. There are girls that miscarry although everything seemed fine. But among the greatest things women who have had a previous miscarriage tell others would be to not give up hope.


Es hat sich gezeigt, dass das Message Board eine ausgezeichnete Quelle der Unterstützung für Menschen ist, die sich auf diese Reise begeben. Viele, die nach einer Eileiterunterbrechung mehrere Kinder bekommen haben, sagen, dass es zu Fehlgeburten kommen kann, aber Kinder werden folgen. Es gibt Mädchen, die bis zu zwei oder drei Fehlgeburten hatten, bevor sie eine gesunde Schwangerschaft hatten, ohne dass ein Grund vorlag. Das Tolle ist, dass es neben der Zukunft auch Unterstützung gibt.


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