Was sind die gängigsten Betäubungspistolen?

When you mention the words stun guns or stun devices most individuals think of the taser gun. It gets most of the publicity as it’s used in high-profile instances of police officers subduing a suspect. But there are different types of stun devices aside from the taser. In this guide we will examine some of the different kinds of stun devices so that you can make an informed choice on which one may be right for you.


The taser gun uses a totally different sort of technologies to subdue an assailant. It utilizes low voltage and high amperage to trap the defendant or assailant. Regular non-taser stun weapons use high voltage and low amperage, which is actually less harmful, to trap an assailant for more than 5 minutes.

There are numerous distinct kinds of stun guns, beginning with the gap between rechargeable technologies and battery-operated. Most of the newer versions of stun guns include rechargeable technology. Older models use batteries to the power. Rechargeable technology was not even available 10 years back. Rechargeable technology have enabled them to become smaller, and research and improvements in technology has allowed them to become stronger at the exact same time.

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A 10,000,000 volt stun device, as an instance, was unheard of as recently as two decades back. Some models are so small they really have keychain attachments so that you can carry them literally wherever you go. The next most significant way they’re categorized as to forms are disguised and non-disguised. Non-disguised models have the normal curved styling.

Disguised versions come most commonly as cell phone stun guns and flashlight stun guns. The reason mobile phone stun tools are so popular is because nearly everybody carries a mobile phone nowadays, and in an attack situation a disguised stun gun that looks like a mobile phone could give an additional measure of surprise to your assailant in an assault. Flashlight stun guns are popular since they have the extra utility of the flashlight along with being strong self-defense solutions.


All of them work at disabling the assailant by injecting power into the body which causes temporary pain and a loss of motor function. The electric shock makes the body work overtime depleting it of energy. When searching for a stun gun to your personal security and personal security, don’t discount the taser because of its price. How much is your life worth after all?