Sollten Sie ein schwarzer Gürtel sein, um sich selbst zu verteidigen?

Nahaufnahme eines Kämpfers, der den Karategürtel festzieht, auf schwarzem Hintergrund

If you don’t attend a few times a week for a couple years practicing a style or technique it will help you defend yourself. Training against other professionals only teach you to defend against attackers using specific rehearsed practices. Attackers in the actual world don’t use these techniques so that your blocks and defences will be mis-timed and inefficient.


Secondly, they will often blitz you or surprise attacks, while in training you understand the attack is coming so are ready for it. Since nearly all attacks on women are surprise or ambush fashions, it’s vital that you learn how to look out for potential ambush places to avoid being in the’sweet spot’. The sweet spot is the best spot for the attacker to create the most suprise. So walk with your eyes open and if you detect any places which have a corner you can’t see around or a tree (or automobile ) blocking your sight for over 15 feet, alter your walking to move wider to see round the barrier.

The further away the potential attacker is if you see them gives you more time to get away. In many self defense training, notably street fighting, the key is in giving yourself as much time as possible before an attack occurs to make decisions and take action. The ordinary danger space is less than 10 feet so in case you can’t see over 10 feet, you want to move or alter your direction until you can see more.

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One factor that’s not easy to practice for in martial arts training is the consequence which the first attack will have on your physique. You’ll be inactive for 1-3 seconds during the minute your mind realises you are under attack as shock floods your body with adrenalin causing all of your martial arts training to leave your thoughts. It’s this time lost that’s the huge difference between getting off safely or not. Shock doesn’t care if you’re able to carry out a great jumping heel kick, it is going to make your breathing quickly, musckes shake and eyes have tunnel vision.

So prepare yourself for the fact you will go into shock and immediately take a deep breath and expel it tough to assist you focus. Move to your right and rear in a diagonal move with one step. This will provide some space and alter the original position that the attacker is relying on. The other portion of street fighting would be to accept you will very probably be hurt or injured in this scuffle. Martial arts training can’t train you to manage and fight while hurt, which is exactly what you require. Ignore any non-lethal strikes by the assailant and attempt to inflict a wound on them which will bleed.

A bleeding wound gets the terrific psychological impact of looking worse than it is and marks the attacker for authorities to find later. Facial wounds bleed profusely although not very likely to be lethal. This is where a whole hard hand scrape across an attackers nose and cheek if more powerful than most strikes.

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Give them time to realise they’re bleeding by telling them you’re looking for the arteries in their throat so authorities will know they attacked you, and let them go when they run off. Remember they want the attack within moments also, because any witnesses and longer may join in and help you. They also are more likley to be detained the more time others watch them fighting you. The best defense is not to walk in areas which you can’t see over 15-30 feet in all directions to your front. Go wide around any corners and when uncertain change direction and choose a different course.