Selbstverteidigung Persönliche Alarme? Lesen Sie mich!

The woman entering code into the keypad of the alarm system and activates the alarm

-defense are among the most underrated self-defense products on the market. They aren’t often a person’s first choice since they lack stopping (the ability to stop an attacker from working ). I will not argue with this, and I think that everybody should have a , , or at their command for this purpose.


Given the above reasons, I expect it’s glaringly clear how useful self-defense personal alerts can be. Their power doesn’t lie with any capability to incapacitate your attacker; it lies with their ability to be used in concert with other self-defense products to keep you safe at all times in your lifetime. It’s extremely important that I do not down-play the requirement to have a self-defense merchandise with stopping power, or to understand a substantial quantity of hand-to-hand self-defense.

I mentioned previously why they are fantastic products, but do not forget that the sword is mightier than the shield, and an alarm is a shield. So what am I saying here? What is the best form of self-defense, or to get something concrete at least, what should you do to protect yourself?

The obvious answer is usually the right one: Take each of the actions you possibly can to protect yourself. The third step requires somewhat more research time and money. However, for the average person, it’s definitely the most important. Most women won’t be able to fight off a man twice their size using their bare hands till they have significant .

Getting a $10-$40 pepper spray, $40-$80 , or $300-$1,000 Taser will probably make the biggest difference. Take your into your own hands, and take seriously the recommendations above. Self-defense personal can make a massive difference in your ability to protect yourself.


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