Brauchen Sie Zeit für Spiritualität in den Wechseljahren?

Psychische Gesundheit und Business. Silhouette einer jungen erwachsenen Geschäftsfrau.

Most of us lead busy lives – , career, parenting, community activities, home repairs, and social duties – so how can you squeeze into a little ? When you feel trapped at the middle of a tornado of activity, spirituality may keep you grounded to your center of .

What is spirituality?

Many confuse spirituality with . Being religious only means being connected with your true soul without the many layers of life cloaking the real you. During being connected with your soul will provide you a base to move through this transition positively embracing your own experience. How can you stay connected to your soul when daily activities leave no room for you?

Stay connected to yourself

We are living in a fast paced world. Computers, e-mail, mobile phones, overnight mail all make everything accessible instantly. Staying connected with your sense of , your spirituality, isn’t instant. It requires time, dedication and effort – it takes .


Ask yourself, “Where and when do I find peace, joy, and a sense of self?” Is it if you practice faith? Take a hike? Listen to music? Enjoy a favorite pastime? When you pray or meditate? When you ? Is it being connected with community, Mother Nature or ?

Integrate activities

How can you integrate that activity in your life daily? For me reading inspiration words or taking a hike lets me tap into my true self, a time away from responsibility, a location away from expectations. I try to carve out at least 30 minutes every day for a walk or reading.

Connect to your Soul

Being connected to your soul can only reside in the . You have to practice being in the gift for spirituality to exist. All of us struggle with the past and have dreams and hopes for the future. Being torn between the future and past makes it hard to live in the present. It’s being in the present you will have the ability to feel link to your spirituality.

Clear your schedule

Why is your life is so busy? Is your hectic lifestyle a method of hiding from yourself, your issues, a troubled past, bodily pain, the of a gloomy future? Fear will keep you from being linked from your true soul. You can’t use a hectic lifestyle as an excuse to hide from yourself.

How do you your soul?

Your body, and spirit must all be connected to practice a spiritual life. Tend to your , nourish your mind and devote time to that particular place where you feel at peace and equilibrium. When your lifestyle is balanced your true soul will appear daily on your life.

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