Menopause? Anzeichen und Symptome

Der Begriff signifies a pause to the menstrual cycles. Medically a woman is believed to have attained menopause when she’s facing the lack of menstrual cycles for around one complete year. It’s the end of the fertile life of a and is a natural process in every woman’s lifestyle.

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The role of comes to a halt and there’s no more monthly production of the or eggs. Most women experience menopause in about 51 years old. But this isn’t a fixed rule and the average age varies from to woman. Some women may experience menopause between 45 to 50 years old. Some might experience even sooner that this. Just like the beginning of menopause, there’s an absence of the normal quantity of estrogen produced in fertile women, many symptoms begin appearing because of lack of estrogen.

are especially required for the wholesome bones in women. This is why women suffer from , a disorder, in post menopausal age. Now in most countries, the treatment of osteoporosis involves the addition of the’Estrogen Replacement Therapy’ also termed as ERT. This is the artificial supplement of estrogen into the girls affected with osteoporosis and has given many positive outcomes.

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Sometimes menopause can be due to the chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or surgical removal of the uterus because of any pathological disease. The symptoms of menopause vary in a different way in various women. Some women don’t face any signs of menopause in any respect, while others experience many changes. Menopause increases the von in the absence of estrogen. But it’s not suggested to use the ERT simply to avoid an increased risk for heart disease.

Estrogen Replacement Therapy

It is very valuable to treat the symptoms of osteoporosis. Some girls experiencing the irregular have been advised that the oral contraceptive pills from the doctors so as to decrease these symptoms. So as to deal with an increased , the local or topical estrogen creams are sometimes prescribed that contain estrogen in them and temporarily reduce the dryness.

Women experiencing the hot flushes are occasionally prescribed the anti depressant medication to ease the symptoms. These are known as the’selective re-uptake inhibitors’ or SSRIs. Some other treatments are also available to decrease the unwanted symptoms of menopause such as , vitamin E or , herbal medication.


Menopause is a normal process which occurs naturally in every girl on cessation of her fertile life. This is why couples plan to finish their families in ancient time period before 35 yrs old because it is the most possible fertile age of a female. Menopause isn’t normally linked to the age of menarche (start of intervals ). However, it may follow a woman’s mother’s blueprint. The age at which a woman’s mother had menopause, might be the exact same for her.


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