Menopause: Hat Ihr Mond pausiert?

Rose Mond Milch für einen besseren Schlaf auf einem weißen Hintergrund. Ayurveda warmes Getränk vor dem Schlafengehen konsumiert. Nizza im Falle von Schlaflosigkeit, Angst und Schlaflosigkeit

After years of biking regularly, my period failed to come. I was traveling overseas, while my husband was at home, so I knew I was not pregnant. It dawned on me that this was the Gateway to Menopause, the first indication of my physical clock winding down. Finally, after 40 days, my uterus flowed again. Relief and sadness intermingled in my own.

Was passiert hier?

The grief grew from realizing that my stream is preparing to stop. Are you still cycling? Are you in the middle of menopause? What’s your connection with any of those flowing stages you are in, or with the lack there of? Following my adolescence and early womanhood of cursing my menstruation, and seeing it as a hassle and a nuisance, I’ve spent years familiarizing myself with my stream. I learned to embrace it and draw strength from it. I began enjoying its gifts of intuition, and its invitation to take some time for resting, dreaming, creating, delving into my heart, and simply Being.

Part of the journey for me was reclaiming different names for the menstrual cycle. MoonTime, Moon Flow, or just my Flow, are words I use in honor of this link between our cycles as girls, and the cycles of the moon (both 28.5 days long). If my bicycle is a Moon Flow, than its quitting is best called Moon Pause! Since most of us weren’t welcomed into womanhood once we came of age, we all have a chance to meet up with the ending of our biking years with as much consciousness as we could muster.

Aber wie?

How would you honor your transition, as it comes? Or if your Moon has paused, how do you honor the years you spent cycling? When my Moon pauses, I will create a necklace, where I would like to dangle charms that reflect my gratitude to the energy of our bloodstream to give life, and to open the veil to the thickness of the Great Mystery. I’m collecting these charms, separately, along my paths, in prep for my Moon Pause.

Der Beginn meiner ersten Periode war eine unbewusste Handlung, kaum gesehen und schon gar nicht gewürdigt. Die Reise des Abschieds von meinen Radlerjahren entpuppt sich als das genaue Gegenteil: eine bewusste Reise der Anerkennung und Ehrfurcht in die Heiligkeit meiner Mondzeit. Während ich dies schreibe, fahre ich regelmäßig Rad. Die Geburt fand in der guten Zeit meines Körpers statt, nicht in meiner. Und so wird auch das Herunterspulen meiner zyklischen Uhr von ihrem eigenen großen Rhythmus getragen. Er lehrt mich Geduld und demütigt mich, wieder einmal, in sein eigenes Wunder.


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