Abnehmen in den Wechseljahren?

Both these words hit shudders in the majority of women, and for good reason. How a woman stores fat changes as she enters the menopausal years. Losing weight in menopause may sound like it’ll be a long, uphill struggle. But it truly isn’t the problem that some believe it is. Women who don’t exercise nor find their diet especially healthy will realize that they’ll have a sudden, inexplicable weight gain around the time of menopause.

Schauen wir mal...

For someone who doesn’t understand what’s happening, this might appear unfair and impossible to fight. But losing weight in menopause isn’t going to be any more challenging than it had been before. In actuality, that 10% will go away quicker than that cellulite on your thighs! You see, the weight gain after menopause starts is a totally different type of fat. Before menopause, fat has been stored by the body in subcutaneous places, i.e., over the muscle walls.

It’s the “bowl full of jelly” type of fat that the Santa is accused of having-soft and jiggly and just beneath the epidermis. This is known as subcutaneous fat. However, at and after menopause, fat starts to keep in the torso, under the muscle wall. This fat is known as visceral fat and is why a woman gains an unseen 10 percent more weight when menopause starts. It’s sorted itself beneath the abdominal wall, in one of the organs. This is truly quite harmful to the woman’s health.

Viszerales Fett

It has been directly connected to several quite serious diseases, like diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Losing weight in menopause becomes a far more critical thing to do if you realize more harm is being done than previously by the fat you take. What’s it going to take for losing weight during menopause? If you’re already exercising and have a healthy diet, then nothing more than you’re already doing.

In actuality, you probably didn’t see than 10% weight gain once you hit menopause, did you? Women that are already on a fantastic workout and eating regimen almost never gain that first 10%. Or, if they do, it melts away just as quickly. You see, visceral fat responds much better and much faster to exercise compared to subcutaneous fat does! If you’re already exercising, you just learned a new inspiring fact: losing weight in menopause is much better for you than before!