Leiden Sie unter Hitzewallungen nach der Menopause?

Flaschen mit verschiedenen Arten von Pflanzenöl

Hot flashes are generally due to the hormonal fluctuations menopause and may also be affected by medication and lifestyle. A reduced level of estrogen has a direct effect on the hypothalamus that’s responsible for controlling your hunger, sleep cycles, sex hormones and body temperature and a drop in estrogen confuses the hypothalamus.


The remedy for hot flashes varies and there are many products designed which help women to deal with the hormone changes that they experience. There are special pajamas that are utilised to counterbalance night sweats. Additionally, there are special designed hormone replacement products which are utilized during hot flashes which produce the change smoother.

    • Additionally, there are other procedures that require common sense methods for post menopause hot flashes such as putting a cool towel on the back of your neck during an attack also helps a whole lot in cooling down the temperatures. Additionally, there are certain foods that contain vitamins which are extremely crucial in the control of the illness during menopausal.
    • Vitamin C complex which helps to decrease the extreme of the hot flashes, less insomnia and night sweats, stronger bones and fewer headaches. The vitamin C also aids in making the body better for resisting diseases, smoothens emotions, less heart disease and great adrenal functioning particularly during the menopause period.
    • Vitamin E can help in reducing the milder conditions women experience during menopause and protects them from getting cancer, reduces the symptoms of aging and wrinkles and helps the vagina from drying. Vitamin E can be obtained out of freshly ground whole-grain flours, cold pressed oils, fresh nuts, peanut butter, leafy greens and cabbages.
    • Essential fatty acids such as the GLA, omega 6 and omega 3 also reduces the ailments most women face during menopause and folic acid aids in improving menopausal ailments. Incase you suffer with this menopausal conditions that you don’t need to worry as the solution is just with you. Simple things that you can do enjoy using a moist towel to cool your body temperature and eating a balanced diet can help save you.