Is There A Simple Home Remedy For Hemorhoids?

Healthy High Fibre Food

Hemorrhoids can cause moderate to severe pain and discomfort. They are simply varicose vessels of the rectum. However, they can cause more problems than you might think. Are there any home remedies that can cure hemorhoids? Yes. Although your results will vary depending on your condition and the home remedy you use, it is possible to get significant relief at home.


Constipation is the main cause of hemorhoids. Constipation puts a greater strain on the bowels. This not only causes hemorhoids to worsen, but also inflames the tissue making it more likely that new ones will develop. What causes constipation Constipation is mainly caused by the American diet most of us have grown up with.

A healthier diet will not only help with hemorhoid symptoms but also provide general health benefits. It is a great thing to change your diet from the American one to one that is full of natural, healthy foods. A healthier diet means eating less calories and more fruits, vegetables, and whole grain. You should also eat less processed, sugary, and salty foods. This diet will be high-fiber to reduce constipation and relieve hemorhoids. As an added bonus, it will increase your metabolism.

Proper Diet

High-calorie, high-fiber foods are high in calories. This makes it difficult for your digestive tract to eliminate waste properly, leading to constipation. Your colon will be able to eliminate waste easily if you eat a healthy diet high in fiber. You should also pay attention to how much water you drink. Water is the best, but natural juices are also good. Bowel movements are easier when your digestive tract is well hydrated.

Drinking a lot of coffee, soda, or alcoholic beverages can make constipation more common. To counter any dehydrating beverages, aim to drink eight glasses of water per day or more. You should be in good health once you have taken care of your diet. You should notice a significant improvement in your hemorhoid condition within a short time.

Final Tip

If you don’t already have one, you can start a regular exercise routine to take your hemorhoid condition up a notch. The improved circulation and toned abdomens will be a benefit to your digestive system. You will also look better. Hemorrhoids can be a serious problem for many people and should not be taken lightly. These simple, yet effective home remedies can help you take steps to overcome the problem.