Gibt es eine Candida-Hefe-Infektion Diät, die funktioniert?

Candida-Diät Lebensmittel. Sortiment von Lebensmitteln, die Candida bekämpfen. Platz kopieren

Included in your Candida treatment through the Candida diet, you’ll also need to cut all sort of foods which might contain yeast. This means you have to temporarily quit having bread, alcoholic beverages, black tea, vinegar or cheese. The cause of this is how these yeast-containing foods promote the multiplication of the Candida yeast infection.

Was ist zu tun?

Try to replace these foods by consuming green vegetables, salads, poultry, fish and meat. Look closely at the way that you prepare these foods. The Candida diet requires you to use loads of ginger, garlic, extra-virgin olive oil and herbs such as rosemary, thyme, lemon balm or marjoram because these have an extremely hostile influence in the Candida yeast infection.

Whenever you’re after the Candida diet, don’t forget to drink at least two litres of water per day so as to help your body eliminate the toxins created by the passing of the Candida yeast. A component of the Candida therapy is using Acidophilus, a nutritional supplement that’s replenishing the sum of good bacteria in the body. The best way to benefit from this supplement to possess the most deadly effect in your Candida yeast infection is to consume 1 capsule and add another one in yur vagina each night before going to bed.


Vitamins represent an important portion of the Candida treatment because they help your body fight against the Candida yeast infection and they postpone the effects of the menopause. Combine the Candida diet with vitamin C (which is strengthening your white blood cells) and you’ll stop the Candida yeast infection from spreading from the affected region.

  • Vitamin C is also helping the adrenal glands in our bodies, the glands responsible for the little quantities of oestrogen in your body following the appearance of the menopause. Therefore, you should take approximately 1,000 mg of vitamin c six times daily for three days. After this powerful amount, decrease the vitamin C to 1,000 mg taken twice daily for a month. But be careful not to take too much vitamin C because it causes diarrhoea.
  • Zinc – It is another material you should put in your Candida therapy, as it helps your immune system. Zinc also has a very toxic effect on Trichomonas, the single-celled organism responsible for vaginitis. Therefore you should put in your Candida diet 15 mg on zinc citrate taken two times per day for 30 days.
  • Vitamin E is another ally for the struggle against the Candida yeast infection since it’s helping your body create resistance against the Trichomonas organism. It’s also maintaining a wholesome balance of this hormone level in your body and it calms the vaginal dryness. An amount of 400 IU per day of vitamin E in the form of d-alpha tocopherol is sufficient for your Candida therapy.
  • Vitamins B are different supplements that have a relief impact on the dryness brought on by menopause. These compounds stimulate your body to produce more oestrogen supplies or they have an oestrogen-like influence on the Candida yeast infection.


whenever you’re experience vaginal dryness or pain and a heavy abnormal discharge, consult with a physician to completely identify the cause of your distress, but do not rush into taking powerful chemical drugs as Candida therapy. Try a Candida diet that’s fitter and less hostile to your own body!


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