How To Treat Hemorhoids With Home Remedies?


Eighty percent of adults will experience hemorhoids at one time or another in their lives. All of them will seek out a quick hemorhoid treatment. You’re familiar with the pain, itching, and bleeding that can occur. It is important to get the symptoms under control quickly so that your life can return to normal. Hemorrhoids refer to inflamed tissue near or at the anal area.


These inflamed veins can expand when they are exposed to pressure, which causes them to become inflamed. Any source of pressure can cause them to become inflamed, including straining during bowel movements, lifting heavy objects or prolonged sitting. You can either go to the hospital or try home remedies for hemorhoids. Let’s start at the bottom. This is to encourage regular bowel movements, soft stool, and discourage constipation.

Get plenty of water. It not only encourages a soft stool, but also hydrates the body and strengthens all tissues. Avoid diuretic fluids such as soda and caffeine which can encourage urination. Don’t drink alcohol in excess. It acts as a coolant and dehydrates your body.

Fiber Intake

Natural fiber such as nuts, beans, corn and apples, citrus fruits, rice, and beans are important. You can soak figs overnight in water, then eat them on an empty stomach the next morning. Witch Hazel works wonders. Place a bottle in a bucket with ice and let it chill. Use a cotton swab to soak the bottle in the Witch Hazel, then apply it to the affected area. You can make astringents from many fruits and vegetables. Cranberries are delicious.

They can be dried and ground into a powder. You can either add water and flour to make a paste, or you can put the powder in a cheesecloth for 10 minutes. Vicks works (who would have thought?). Use both externally as well as inside the anus. Keep your skin clean. Use no perfumed or colored toilet paper. Plain white is the best. Baby wipes are a better option than regular toilet paper.


These home remedies are quick, inexpensive and effective. However, they do not treat the underlying problem. You should change your diet and engage in regular exercise for permanent relief. You will also be creating a healthier body and avoiding other common conditions such as hypertension by “curing” hemorhoids.