Wie behandelt man Fibroide in der Gebärmutter?

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Growth of Intrauterine fibroids isn’t life threatening though your doctor may refer to it as fibroid cancer. Yet the really thought of the condition sends shivers down the spine of many a victim. Medical fraternity will frequently recommend surgical removal of the uterus as an alternative.

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It’s humane to expect that nobody would ever enjoy a part of her body be eliminated (“done away with” are harsh words to use) is. No wonder an increasing number of victims of this condition are searching for alternative treatments for fibroids in uterus which could, not just save their uterus, but also give respite from the scourge called fibroids. For too long have the victims of uterine fibroid growths allowed their physicians to make choice for them. Happily, there are choices – natural remedies for fibroids – that claims to bring safe in addition to trusted relief for many.

The best benefit of treating varicose fibroids naturally is that the individual doesn’t encounter any untoward side effect. While there are a range of natural healing alternatives, the reader is recommended to provide a thought to some combination of the remedies – these well planned programs give faster and better result. Your fibroid treatment won’t be complete if diet isn’t considered. Imbalance of hormones may be controlled through appropriate diet (Hormonal imbalance is thought of as mainly responsible for your fibroid condition). Give preference to such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, fiber laden cereals such as oats, millet, brown rice when planning your menu. For fats and oils, select nuts, olive oil; avoid saturated fats.


Drink loads of water (at least 8 glasses daily ); not only will this keep you hydrated, but will also reduce acidity and help throw away toxins in the body. Supplement your treatment of fibroids in uterus by taking herbs such as vitex, calendula, ruta, damiana and poke rootswill help your body reach hormonal equilibrium. This (use of herbs) are the single most important element in handling the fibroid growth. Improve liver disease by using herbs such as dandelion root and milk thistle. Control excessive bleeding with extracts of Witch hazel, yarrow, Shepherd’s purse and ginseng.

These are generally suggested to assist you deal with the pains associated with intrauterine fibroid growth in addition to menstruation. Exercises such as aerobic dancing, brisk walking, slow cycling and jogging will help; they’ll also fight stress and blood pressure. Strenuous exercises/sports like tennis, etc should be avoided as there’s an element of competition which will only increase stress level – something that promotes growth of fibroids. Essential oils have been used for improving circulation of blood. Use oils of ginger, wintergreen or increased when you encounter muscular pain such as cramps (caution – should strictly avoid sensitive parts as the oils can cause intense burning sensation).


It needs to be remembered that natural treatments for fibroids in uterus won’t give immediate outcome, but take solace in knowing that if done properly with dedication and faith, you may experience almost permanent cure. Empowering yourself with as much knowledge as possible on the topic of natural recovery of uterine fibroids will make certain you’ll have the ability to easily keep this distress miles away from you. Remember to follow your natural recovery program in consultation with your health care provider.