How To Treat Acne With Green Tea?


Most people have difficulty finding the right home remedy for acne. This is because they lack the knowledge and skills to properly treat it using only natural methods. For centuries, natural home remedies for acne have been used. They have been proven to work time and again. Green tea is my favorite all-natural acne treatment.

Green Tea

Before we get into the details of how green tea can help with your acne, I want you to know four simple steps that you can use to treat your acne with green tea. Please do not touch your face. You will notice a difference in your acne if you are disciplined about not touching your face. It will reduce the amount of bacteria and germs that build up on your hair and transfer to your skin every day. This will greatly reduce your acne.

The world is now dominated by cell phones. They are dirty, have been dropped on the ground, lent, and filled with filthy money. This can transfer bacteria to your skin. I was plagued by severe acne on my face, right between my ears. I realized that it was due to my cell phone. I now have anti-bacterial wipes on me and wipe my phone clean before each use.

Good To Know

Green tea is not fermented, but instead is steamed shortly after the leaves are removed from the tree to preserve the vibrant substances within the leaves. The antioxidants in green tea have been proven to be very beneficial for acne prevention. These antioxidants aid your body to fight off bacteria that can cause damage to cells and tissues.

Green tea healing is safer than other drug-based products. It has less side effects and is more toxic. Green tea can be bought at any grocery store for very little. Green tea is affordable for everyone.


There are many home remedies for acne, but finding the right one can be difficult. Your acne will dramatically decrease if not disappear if you follow the four easy steps I have provided in combination with green tea. These steps have worked for me for years and will prevent you from ever needing acne scar treatment or laser treatment. Green tea is a great option for adult acne treatment.