How To Test Food Allergy And Food Intolerance?

Composition with common food allergens including egg, milk, soya, peanuts, hazelnut, fish, seafood and wheat flour

The amount of people in the UK suffering from food allergies and intolerance is increasing. Scientists think that this is partially due to our love affair with junk food in addition to our exposure to dangerous toxins present in several foods. However food allergies and intolerance may also be triggered by food which hasn’t been exposed to chemicals.

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Recent research, for example, indicates that eating peanuts when pregnant may cause the infant to come up with a peanut allergy. This can have very serious consequences as having an allergic reaction to peanuts can cause a man to go into anaphylactic shock. Peanut allergies are often so severe that even a small hint of peanut dust may produce itching, rashes and stomach problems in victims.

However, not everyone that has a problem with specific foods is allergic to them. Sometimes they could simply have a food intolerance as opposed to a food allergy. Food intolerance and food allergy are caused by inappropriate immune responses to problem foods. However the reaction is extremely different.


These provoke an immediate and sometimes severe response whilst food intolerance produces symptoms that may take hours or even days to grow. Obviously the best thing to do is identify if you have a food intolerance or allergy then eliminate the problem foods completely from your daily diet. Food allergy and food intolerance testing is a fast and easy way to discover if there are foods which are making you feel sick.

You may organize food allergy and food intolerance testing on the internet or by visiting your GP. Whilst identifying the offender substances and eliminating them from your diet is a significant starting point, strengthening your immune system is also very significant. Since a lot of the immune system is present inside the digestive tract among the best ways to encourage it’s by ingesting certain vitamins and minerals.


Foods which are rich in vitamins A, E and C, such as fresh fruits and vegetables should be included in your daily diet. The mineral Selenium may also be a useful addition, as can garlic. Pycnogenol, a nutritional supplement made from pine bark extract is high in anti-oxidants and helps alleviate allergic reactions in addition to help cardiovascular health. Food intolerance and food allergies can make you miserable. By identifying whether you’re a victim and what foods are causing you problems you’ll have the ability to increase your sense of wellbeing. Food allergy and food intolerance testing might assist you to do this whilst strengthening your immune system is your starting point on the path to better health.


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