Wie kann man sich nach einer Operation in Form bringen?

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Post surgery any training has to be supervised in the early stages so the wound doesn’t open. Coordinated breathing exercises can be started instantly. All post partum exercises should be started gently and by beginning with simple pure Pilates coordinated breathing exercises.

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As a Physiotherapist and a Pilates instructor and a mom of 3 boys. I have knowledge to share on this subject. All Post C-section exercises will need to get started immediately under strict supervision. The wound has to be clean and powerful and healing. I can provide you some very simple methods to begin with. OK What Program should you do?

This is a workout I give every individual having had any operation. This is an exercise to initiate the Transverse abdominal muscle (TVA). This muscle is one of the most important post c section exercises.

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It will help with pain and scar adhesions and core strength. You can also begin initiating the pelvic floor. I also provide this exercise to all new moms post pregnancy. Lay in your tummy with a pillow under your tummy. As you blow out draw your belly button in toward your spine. Let it out as you breathe in, this is going to be quite weak once you start and might lead to pain. This is the opposite pattern to which you’re used to.

Practice coordinating your breath out while pulling your tummy in. This coordinating breathing activity can be practiced in any position as soon as you’ve got the pattern correct. Start this easy exercise and you’re on your way to another article call section exercises. Once you’ve the TVA muscle functioning you can train it to be operational. Begin to maintain the muscle tight as you’re doing a task. The post c segment exercises progress very quickly once it’s possible to hold the tone when working. To learn more follow the links.