Wie lindert man die Symptome der Perimenopause?

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So you’re beginning to show symptoms of perimenopause. It might be a sudden gain in weight, a problem with sleeping at night, or you’re having constant mood swings. These symptoms and a lot more can be readily treated with the energy of character. If left untreated the procedure can be extremely uncomfortable.

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Natural treatment methods are regarded as the safest and best means to take care of perimenopause. You already know that perimenopause is the start of your transition to menopause, the point of life where you become non-fertile. You also know that your symptoms are due to a hormone imbalance that’s part of the procedure. This is Mother Nature at work.

Doesn’t make perfect sense to take care of a natural process with natural procedures? Many in the medical care business aren’t so inclined to make that same determination. Perhaps it’s to do with the company itself and it has ties to the pharmaceutical sector. Yes their approaches are effective in treating the symptoms, but at a cost. Not only do synthetic treatments cost more, they’re also posing a risk to your health. Hormone injections have been shown to improve the odds of stroke from cardiovascular disease, breast and ovarian cancers and dementia.


So is that a price you wish to pay? These common symptoms together with the other 30 which are known to be due to perimenopause can be relived with natural treatment approaches. One thing that may surprise you about your diet is the more frequently you consume the better you’ll control your weight. Simply eat smaller portions at meals with a nutritious snack between meals. This keeps your metabolism moving in a greater rate meaning you’re burning more calories. Next you want to have a look at your exercise level, or lack of one. You’re going to have to “trick” a number of your bodily functions in believing that the changes in your system are from physical activity not a hormone modification.

This does work and can help to keep the weight down and to help alleviate tension and depression. The increase in exercise doesn’t have to be a challenging task. Start with taking 30 to 45 minute walks with family and friends on a regular basis. You could also search for common tasks which you do daily which may be altered to add in a concrete element. To assist your body with hormone modification you’ll want to begin a tradition of taking herbal supplements twice every day.

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The nutritional supplements are completely natural from naturally grown plants. The best ones on the market comprise of a number of diverse extracts which were developed to take care of all the known symptoms. Also there are two very big reasons to use these supplements over pharmaceuticals. One, they’re 100% secure and don’t have any of the dangers that HRT has. Second, they are less costly.