Wie schützen Sie sich mit einem Elektroschocker?

A black metal flashlight with shocker at the blue background. protection and security concept. for design and decoration.

No folks I’m not discussing throwing it at an assailant! I’m discussing a little-known way which you can use a stun gun that in nine on the 10 cases is simply as effective as applying the stun gun and disabling an assailant. The other day there was a tale in the paper in regards to a lady who lived in a suburb of LA.

Dangerous places

She had to walk through some dangerous territory on her behalf solution to the bus stop to access work. She had purchased a stun gun 2 yrs ago to safeguard herself so she was one step before just about everyone else. She’d never really had to utilize it, but had practiced with it and knew how exactly to utilize it exactly. Small stun tools are excellent for female self-defense because they could be easily concealed in a pocket or purse. Many include clip on holsters even.

One day on her behalf solution to the bus stop she was accosted by an assailant who was simply after her purse. Prior to the assailant took the purse, she could reach in and grab her stun device. Whilst the assailant was focusing on obtaining the purse from her she activated the stun gun and the electricity stored in the stun weapon placed on a sight and sound show that effectively scared the assailant away. When activated all stun tools, no real matter what the voltage, do a couple of things: they develop a dancing arc between your two prongs on the finish that conduct electricity plus they develop a pretty terrifying sound of a snapping, crackling and popping electrical charge that’s loud to scare anybody enough.

Give it a chance

So that may be the amazing way that stun devices can protect you without even having any connection with the assailant. Small High Voltage Stun guns will be the second hottest self-defense product on earth. Only defensive sprays tend to be more popular. They’re typically 86% effective in disabling an assailant, permitting you time and energy to escape and obtain help. They’re hand-held devices that whenever activated generate a power charge that triggers the muscles to work very rapidly depleting them of blood sugars necessary for energy. They are a non lethal self-defense option to deadly force effectively.


Hopefully you shall never be met with a predicament where you should employ your stun weapon. But should you choose, as millions for women over the global world are accosted, it really is nice to learn that we now have two techniques stun guns protect you.