Wie plant man für seine Sicherheit auf dem Campus?

Young man standing on the staircase in college with girls walking by. Students on steps of college campus.

This summer, my son, Luke, and I went to visit a member of the church youth group that graduated this year. She’s headed off to school and my son wanted to give her a present. Together we decided that the best thing to give her could be the gift of security. I am positive that choosing a school that required her to reside on , away from the net her home and supplied was a significant decision for all involved.

Campus safety

Along with the academic, fiscal, and geographical factors, campus safety and security are an essential concern. By all reasonable measures, it’s the responsibility of schools and universities to supply a safe environment for their students, faculty, staff, and visitors to their own campuses.

Campus security departments are frequently established and campus administrators regularly examine their policies and processes to find ways to stop acts of und from happening on their campus. However, even on the safest campuses, it is very important that every student take responsibility for providing their personal safety. This may be accomplished by means of non lethal defense products.

The hottest product. It’s time tested, simple to use and inexpensive. Dual Function Door Brace – If you’re in a dorm room or living off campus, you can fasten your door with a few of them.

Even campuses which limit or discourage using any other sort of self defense product like pepper spray or guns allow them. The best ones can reach up to 130 decibels.

Key Chain Defense

Following the advice of placing your keys between your knuckles, this thing takes it into a more successful level.

Motion Detector Alarm

Easy to use and portable. Will alert you to some intrusion into your space.

/ Nanny

Not for spying on your roommates! Keep an eye on what is happening in your space when you are not there.

Diversion Safe

Hide your money and valuables in plain sight.


Stun guns are also very powerful, but a lot of colleges have restrictive policies about the possession of them, so be certain to check with your regional regulations. Luke found out that his friend already possessed a pink pepper spray, so we decided to offer her a personal alarm and a self defense.


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