Wie kann man die Perimenopause natürlich behandeln?

Are you contemplating taking hormone replacement therapy to fight the first outward indications of perimenopause? Natural treatments for hot flashes will be the safer choice. For most decades, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, during 2002, Learn how hormone replacement therapy can result in an increased threat of heart and stroke attacks.

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Despite scientific progress in treatment and prevention, stroke continues to be among the leading factors behind death in the usa, close to heart cancer and disease. The chance of stroke increases whenever your body as well as your arteries age naturally. Aging causes the arteries to are more rigid, Based on the Women’s Health Initiative, For each 10,000 women who have been using synthetic hormones, 29 of these are affected from at the very least stroke once, in comparison with the 21 in 10, with the current presence of synthetic progesterone even.

When estrogen courses through the physical body unopposed by progesterone, it could promote the forming of blood clots, which increases the threat of stroke. Actually, decreasing the chance of cardiovascular disease thus. For several years, women thought that taking HRT was to combat heart attacks enough, however the Women Health’s Study showed that was only a myth.

Around 37 of each 10,000 women taking synthetic hormones are affected from at the very least coronary attack once, instead of the 30 in 10, The good thing is that lots of safe alternatives to HRT have already been developed because the publication of the findings. From herbs, to changes in lifestyle, so don’t just depend on an instant fix like HRT for the early perimenopause symptoms.