How To Make A Difference?

Tractor spraying soybean field at spring

Make a difference! Identify what you can do to help our mother earth. There’s a reason I write short stories which were sent around the world since the mid 90’s. It is to give assistance and camouflage protection which will not raise suspicion to the perpetrators, aggressors, polluters, and people who take advantage of the others.

Wussten Sie das?

Believe it or not there are still region’s that turn a blind eye when sufferers seek help through their regional processes. This “blind eye syndrome” is particularly true if it involves corporations being held accountable. Oftentimes it makes the problems worse for the victims. There are work-related deaths yearly in america that might have been prevented. There are women, children, disabled and elderly victims daily because of neglect, physical and verbal abuse. There’s strength in numbers.

By the continuance of placing the issues in the public eye through articles, the world wide web, organizations and first hand testimonies the consciousness will become main stream. Resolution to our security, wellbeing, health and environmental health is only going to occur when we band together to make a difference. A phrase I probably over use is “A squeaky wheel is going to be oiled.” If we squeak loudly enough and are consistent we’ll be oiled.


Protecting yourself in the modern society isn’t a luxury it’s A NECESSITY! Today’s lifestyles, pollutants, and the social environment imply that most people might be and probably are victims. All the elements are found. What’s missing is the element that most individuals don’t take the steps to eliminate or prevent the origin, carry or have even the simplest method or apparatus to safeguard their health, themselves, home or loved ones. This might be an antidote, natural remedy, legal support, and a great number of devices to ensure you and your nearest and dearest are educated, prepared and insured.

Every individual has the right to protect themselves and their loved ones. Every individual has to get rid of toxins obtained from tainted atmosphere, soil and water supplies. These can be but aren’t limited to metals, bacteria, salmonella, Listeria, pests, pesticides, herbicides, waste water, many different compounds, carcinogens, and a number of other pollutants that your body has absorbed through the years from foods, air, water and general contamination. Too often we leave ourselves vulnerable.

Was ist zu tun?

Check with your local laws and ordinances. If at all possible, buy pepper spray, a firearm, stun gun, door alarms, and window alarms. Purchase audible alarms for kids, those handicapped and the elderly. Install outdoor lighting and cameras. Record the activities of babysitters and caregivers in your absence. Invest in container hidden safes to secure your valuables.

These hidden containers are masters of disguise and since they combine in are virtually out of sight. Chameleon like these secure containers are incognito, and ready to go unnoticed, unnoticed, are hidden, camouflaged and offer the finest protective cover. The ideal place to hide something is in plain sight. Purchase a water testing kit for you drinking water. Purchase foods from vendors which sell local grown produce and meat. Check your regional industries and know exactly what by-products they’re generating and releasing into the atmosphere, soil and water.

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