Wie kann man ein gesundes Zuhause haben?

Frau mit gelben Handschuhen putzt Fenster mit Lappen.

Do you suffer from asthma, allergies, chronic dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema and do not understand why or how to control it? Even better, did you know that most folks would just chalk this up to symptoms of seasonal allergies? Do you ever notice that your symptoms are better on some days and worse on others? Did you know that the environment could have little to do with how you are feeling?


You might be chemically sensitive and not even know about it! If you can remember the days of our parents (or even grandparents to the younger subscribers!) Household cleansers and products consisted of very few ingredients. Lemons, vinegar, lard, even the conventional waxy soap bars can certainly be recalled in closets and cupboards and bathroom sinks equally.

Ironically enough, you didnt hear too much about allergies or skin problems back then – especially when cleaning the home. Today, we’re hearing more and more stories about autism, ADD, and other disorders like shortness of breath. Childhood allergies have burst into the mainstream so much so you’re really ABNORMAL if you do not suffer from one allergy or another. People must realize that this isn’t JUST the surroundings to blame!

Household products

These include Toxins that can and do affect your health. Your house is as deadly as a toxic waste dump and the challenge is – YOU decide to create IT THAT WAY! Products that contain bleach, ammonia, phosphate and sodium benzoate to list some of the fundamentals, are destroying your immune system and ONLY YOU have the power to prevent it from happening!

Get a bottle of any product that you have in your house and odds are you won’t have the ability to pronounce half of the ingredients listed! We attempt to follow a very simple rule in our home – if you can not pronounce it – do not use it! Researching healthy alternatives to cleaning products is the first step.

Erinnern Sie sich an

Products which are environmentally safe and are organic have existed for over 20 years, yet only recently have people started paying attention to what they’ve been saying all along – common household products have the capability to damage your immune system. Your Children don’t need to suffer with “childhood disorders”. Simply by switching the products that you use in and around your house – your family (including your pets!) Will become healthier, have less illnesses and simply have a much better general wellbeing overall.

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