Wie findet man Zuschüsse für von Frauen geführte Unternehmen?

Asian Indonesian women in front of small local family-owned business store, locally called warung. Location is in Tasikmalaya, Indonesia. Selective Focus.

The freedoms we enjoy in america make it truly the “land Of Opportunity”. An entrepreneur can succeed in america, so long as they are ready to take a risk. The bigger the risk the man or woman is ready to take, the bigger the reward. However, some people may go their whole lives without having an opportunity to take this risk.

The private and government organizations give out millions of dollars in grants each year to entrepreneurs to help give them the ability to take a risk to be able to make this nation a better place to live. However a number of these organizations seem to be hesitant to provide a grant for women owned businesses. This may be true in many cases, but there are government grants and private foundations in america setup for the sole purpose of funding women owned companies.

The government doesn’t really set aside very much money to finance grants for women owned businesses, but the government does have many grants for minority owned businesses. Some people may not realize immediately that these grants can easily be taken advantage of to help fund a women owned business. Women fall into the minority category, so just about all of these grants are available to finance women owned companies.

If you are not able to be given a grant from the government, then the government offers very low interest loans which may be used by women owned businesses and paid back over a time period. If you’re unable to find any assistance from the government then you could always turn to the private foundations that accessible. Some of these foundations were set up for the sole purpose of giving grants to women owned companies.

These various foundations award grants for women owned businesses only. Some of the grants are to help start a company and a number of the grants may be used to expand or grow a company which is already started.