Wie kämpft man gegen die Menopause?

Hot flash. Blonde housewife in protective gloves feeling bad

Talk to any woman who’s in her fifties and most will have a story to share about menopause which will border on a nightmarish experience. Regardless of what you do, there’s absolutely no easy means of going through menopause. Sleeplessness due to hot flashes that contributes to fatigue are simply a small portion of the several changes a woman’s body experiences.

What’s happening?

We must not overlook the bloat and weight reduction, and the constant emotional roller coaster that we appear to be on. The Food and Drug Administration allowed for using hormone replacement therapy just to discover that it had many sudden and serious side effects. Why this wasn’t mentioned before the product has been released remains a question that disturbs me, but who am I to question the powers that be.


All I know is I wasn’t interested in giving hot flashes up for cancer, stroke and heart attack, no matter how severe they were. Menopause symptoms are some of the worst feelings I’ve ever experienced, but to my knowledge there are none known to cause death. The health food shop gave me a few leads, but nothing seemed to be promised. I scoured the computer seeking anything that could assist in the relief of the dastardly symptoms and I discovered a product known as Amberen.

Could there really be a product claiming to be wholly non-hormonal and yet works just like a hormone therapy to restore your body to its former self? I must be having some sort of out of body experience associated with deficiency of estrogen, for I’m finding these claims difficult to trust.


Well, menopause might have won a few battles but the war wasn’t yet over. I purchased the product and began taking it when it came. Within a few days the changes became more and more noticeable. I felt like me again. The person I had lived with my life was returning to occupy my body. Instead, of being married to a shrew, my husband could enjoy having me in exactly the exact same room with him. Amberin makes no false promises.

IUnlike many medications, it’s not one that must be taken forever. The standard regimen is to take the pills for 90 days, then discontinue use until symptoms start again. Giving up all those symptoms for a hassle; I shall take the headache thank you very much. This product includes a small amount of MSG which is the reason for the headaches, so when you’ve swallowed MSG without any ill effects, this won’t create a problem for you. Unfortunately, any girl that suffers from hyperthyroidism isn’t a candidate for Amberen.


It’s highly advisable that you confer with your doctor prior to starting this regimen and if he’s unfamiliar with the product, clinical manuscripts can be found for him to read. This product has for me won the struggle against melancholy. After many hard fought battles with symptoms, I’m again after symptom free thanks to additional secrets I’ve learned that I believe pharmaceutical companies don’t want us to understand.