Wie fühlt man sich in den Wechseljahren gut?

Alte Frau mit Brille aufrichtig überrascht Blick auf Kamera. Schöne reife weibliche Gefühl erstaunt, verwundert, erstaunt, wenn jemand treffen, sehen etwas interessant, unerwartet. Menschen Emotionen

Experts on brain function have shown that there isn’t any scientific method to distinguish the effects of a shared experience between two people. The speaker and the listener or the seer and the seen become connected in some regard. Although not breaking news specialists on brains also have proven that what we believe to be true affects our health, how we care for our health and our behaviours toward ourselves and people around us.


Now imagine these facts affect your relationship with your physician and the result of your office visit. If your doctor is old school and thinks you need to take hormone replacement therapy (HRT) through you menopause transition, they will just send you home with a prescription to be filled. Since many physicians only have about 10 to 12 minutes with each individual it leaves very little time to get a discussion about the probability of hormones or even to discuss your thoughts on the topic.

You may question their choice, but feel rushed and uncomfortable, so you sigh and resign, even though it does not feel right in your gut. Or you may be confused as so many are about HRT and decide you will give it a try anyhow. It’s just the easiest thing to do. On the other hand if your physician is of a different mindset they may not suggest any kind of HRT due to the dangers involved. Instead speaks with you about using an herbal formula that he hopes to manage hot flashes, lack of sleep and psychological changes, and also offers suggestions for diet and exercise that can help you get back into hormonal balance and promote better health for your heart, mind and bones. This doctor isn’t interested in putting a band aid on your symptoms but requires an interest is your general wellbeing and preventing age related ailments and discomforts.

Beachten Sie

Undoubtedly would leave your doctor’s office feeling differently about your menopause experience and how to safely handle the changes. A physician’s attitude toward your healthcare may have a philosophical and psychological effect that provides you renewed energy and a refreshed attitude towards your wellbeing and the way to care for it. Sit back for a minute and think about how a lot of your ideas about menopause are actually your own? It’s quite easy to be affected by entrepreneurs promoting “eternally young” in a pill, patch, suppository or cream.

I’m not making light of the menopause transition but it truly isn’t a jaw-clenching, death defying or aging experience. Certainly some health issues overlap with menopause, but menopause itself isn’t the root cause of deteriorating health and wellness.

Berücksichtigen Sie

Menopause only means the end of the menstrual cycle. Yes indeed, its corresponding changes can be bothersome. But they can be viewed as wake-up calls. Unfortunately too many physicians don’t take the time to describe that menopause is a process that’s meant to happen. The lower estrogen levels that occur with menopause are actually a natural defending procedure to help safeguard breast and reproductive organs from excess circulating estrogen in the blood flow.

It explains why taking estrogen replacement therapy to replace missing estrogen during menopause has such a higher risk for causing breast cancer. I often wonder what the turning point is when a woman decides to make new choices for herself and her health. Is it when the hope of childhood in a pill becomes less attractive after learning that 75 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer each year don’t have any family history? Or is it when she’s tired of feeling tired regular? Maybe for others it is a self-induced nudge after carrying a fair inventory of self.


Nobody ever said that we can not support our hormonal balance requirements. Speak with your doctor about diet, exercise, stress control and an herbal formula for hormonal support. Having a physician who partners with you for the development and maintenance of good health is one of the crucial elements for your continuing success.