Wie kann man ungeklärte Unfruchtbarkeit feststellen?

Mikroskopische Ansicht von Spermium und Eizelle. 3d-Illustration

Unexplained infertility can be among the most troublesome problems a couple trying to conceive can undergo. It can cause self-doubt in addition to a wide variety of conflicts between the two partners. Perhaps it’s the unknown factors present that could spur arguments.

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The conception process can take years and the tests can be several. If the couple has tried for over two years to become pregnant then there are additional tests which may be run. There are different tests which may be ordered prior to giving a final diagnosis of unexplained infertility. Step one, even when fertility isn’t an issue, is to have a complete medical history of the few. This may involve a record of monthly cycles in addition to blood work drawn.

Many injuries or diseases may lead to infertility so it’s important for both the man and woman to be thorough in their history. The next test is called a Hysterosalpingogram. This test is done by the radiology staff in a hospital and entails an x-ray being taken after dye is placed into the uterus through an IV. The radiologist and fertility specialist can then determine whether the fallopian tubes have some blockage or if there’s any damage to the uterus which could be causing the infertility.


The next test is to get a semen analysis. The man must ejaculate into a cup so the laboratory can see how large his sperm count is in addition to the motility of the sperm. The lower the count and motility, the less likely fertilization is to happen. Unfortunately there’s a little panic at the diagnosis of unexplained infertility. The truth is it may actually be any number of known reasons for the conception not to be happening.

It may be anything from the eggs being unable to be entered by the sperm to something being wrong on a genetic level between the two. Unexplained infertility may also apply to after the egg has been fertilized but includes a failure to implant normally in the uterus. It may also be a vast array of reasons all coming together to get the exact same outcome: a failed pregnancy effort. It’s possible for men to continue to have kids at any age but time isn’t an ally for a female’s eggs.


If unexplained infertility proceeds to halt the conception process, there are choices. The few can consider using donor sperm or eggs. There are surrogate mothers who will carry the child for the girl. In a world filled with kids needing loving homes, adoption can be a fantastic alternative. Just do not forget that biology doesn’t a parent make.