How To Defend Against Dog Bites?

One German shepherd bites a man by the hand. Training and breeding thoroughbred dogs.

A couple weeks ago while talking about our letter carrier Mike, who’s worked for the Postal Service for more than two decades, he had been regaling me, at my prompting, with tales and times he or his coworkers are attacked by dogs.

Dog Attacks

Attacks by dogs and dog bites are legendary for postal carriers. Were you aware that the Postal Service issues pepper sprays to each of their letter carriers as the primary line of defense against dog attacks and bites? Needless to say, the best defense against dog attacks is to prevent them. Some tips from the pros are; never stare at a dog, do not tease a dog, when a puppy is eating or drinking, not pet it rather than attempt to touch a dog that is not on a leash.

Those suggestions will go a long way for a dog attack defense, particularly for kids who account for more than half of the victims of dog attacks annually. There’s a TV ad running now from a national insurance company that states that one out of every 3 homeowner claims is due to a dog bite. In the year 2011, a national magazine reported that $480 million has been paid out to claims from dog bites.

They’re a serious and growing problem, particularly for men and women that love to walk, bicycle or jog outside. And that’s lots of people. We started a walking club in our building many years back. Since I was at the company I was the designated protector of our team. I carried a stun baton with me and really had to use it on two occasions. Seniors that are outside walkers, joggers and cyclists would be the 2nd most significant target group for dog bites and dog attacks right behind kids. They’re followed by letter carriers.


Almost 5,000,000 people each year get bitten by a dog. For anyone who’s outside on a regular basis with a dog attack defense is an absolute must. The best defense against dog attacks is to take some self-defense products with you. They’re all easy to transport and simple to use. All of them have holsters to aid in carrying them. Be careful though because some states and cities have limits on pepper sprays, though some haven’t legalized the use of stun devices. It is possible to carry a handgun, but you can not use a stun device lawfully.


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