Wie kann man das eigene Immunsystem gegen die Wintergrippe stärken?

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With clouds of the H1N1 flu hovering over our heads this year, now’s the time more than ever to pay particular attention to building your immune system. By minding your immune system as best you can, you will boost your odds of staying clear of not only the H1N1, but any other nasty flu bugs or colds that may otherwise catch hold of you and ruin your holiday season.

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As a cancer survivor, I believe my immune system to be my personal gold. I cherish it carefully and keep it as best I can to keep ugly winter flu bugs and colds far away. Here are my 5 top tips for keeping my immune system strong. I encourage you to follow these as best you can so you can also enjoy your holiday season to the fullest.

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  • Minimize your intake of sugar. Sugar is deadly to your immune system. Additionally, it doesn’t help if you are concerned about your weight. Sugar reduces your immune reaction making you immediately more vulnerable to any germs and germs coming your way. So, next time you are reaching for that leftover chocolate in Halloween, I encourage you to think twice. When you are at the grocery store and enticed to purchase your favorite carbonated items, I request you to re-consider. If you purchase it and have it lying around on your counters, you’ll be more inclined to eat it. Remember, out of sight, out of mind.
  • Incorporate regular physical activity into your routine. Exercise is a terrific way to build your immune system. It increases circulation and blood flow and helps to raise your mood and minimize the consequences of stress. The less stress you’ve got and the more optimally your body can function with the assistance of regular exercise, the stronger your immune system will be. This doesn’t mean that you must join the gym. If you are not used to exercising, simply going for brisk walks or putting on some dance music and boogying for some time letting all your inhibitions go, is sufficient. It’s not so much what you can do, but how frequently you do it and at what intensity. Remember, more is much better than less, but some is better than none. Start fitting in whatever exercise you can whenever you can.
  • Get loads of good quality sleep. Sleep is also a huge ally when it comes to keeping your immune system strong. When you don’t get enough good quality sleep, then you’re more tired during the day and dealing with the pressures and problems of everyday life becomes more difficult. Without enough appropriate sleep, it’s also more challenging to remain motivated to eat healthy and fit on your exercise.
  • Minimize continuing stress. Stress is a factor of life that’s difficult to eliminate. However, to maintain a healthy immune system, it’s something which has to be controlled. Short-term stress is unavoidable when we have those instantaneous reactions to events or people that are unexpected, like that traffic jam when you are trying to get to an important appointment in time. It generates worry and nervousness or other feelings hard to control. However, for the sake of your health on each level, you will need to let go of the negative emotions as fast as possible and find a way to re-frame your situation so you can approach it with a more positive and realistic outlook. If you remain in the “muck” of negative stress for too long, you’re placing your immune system in danger in addition to your psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being.
  • Keep your hands clean. So much of the flus and colds floating around out there are sent through touch. We pick up so many germs throughout our hands before realizing it since they are all so invisible. Getting into the habit of washing your hands after being in public areas is critical especially after shaking hands with others, or using the rest area.


I strongly believe that we ought to do away entirely with our ethnic hand-shaking etiquette. Keeping some hand sanitizer in your purse is a excellent way to keep your hands clean when it’s impossible to reach a rest area. This is particularly handy when traveling. It might look like there is lots to consider when trying to be mindful or your immune system. Although, it will take a little additional effort on your part, your health and well-being are definitely worthwhile. Follow these tips as listed above and with every healthy choice you make you’ll be one step closer to a stronger immune system for a healthier and more joyful holiday season.