Wie kann man die Immunität stärken?

Glückliche energische lächelnde junge afroamerikanische Frau springt isoliert auf gelbem Hintergrund

It seems only yesterday we began the year, but it is already the end of June – where do you stand with your health and your targets? We’re halfway through the year. Six months down, six months to go! The year has been tumultuous thus far, with natural disasters and environmental nightmares plaguing the world. The stress takes a toll on the health and well-being of everybody, whether they are immediately affected by a disaster.


But you can take action to improve your health and well-being, regardless of the negativity which abounds in the world. You can make a positive outlook on your own and your loved ones, with regard to physical health, well-being, psychological health, and prosperity. A strong immune system is the foundation for success. If your immune system is strong, you won’t find yourself coming down with illnesses that may impact your productivity. Your energy levels will be high and you will experience peak performance. So in case you’ve been fighting in 2010 and have not accomplished your objectives, do not fear.

We’ve entered the summertime, at least those people in the northern hemisphere, and sun is abundant. Sunshine boosts mood and energy levels, also it provides Vitamin D, an essential nutrient. Taking in a great deal of sunshine will help your body absorb vitamin D and also help strengthen your immune system. Other great news is that it’s gardening season – ample chance for a daily consumption of nutrient-rich fresh vegetables and fruits.

What to eat?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a dietary staple for getting essential minerals and vitamins. Fruits and vegetables like broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe and bell peppers are easy to grow and packed with nutrients. And of course, they make tasty meals, too! If salads are not your thing, explore the Mediterranean diet, known to be heart healthy and rich in fresh produce. You’ll be amazed how many things you turned your nose are really incredibly delicious. You don’t need to give up meats, but you ought to be lean choices: turkey, pork and poultry.


Finally, have a step outside and breathe in a breath of fresh air. Take a walk on a hot summer day. Get active! Enlist some neighbors or friends for a friendly game of volleyball or tennis. Exercise builds muscle mass and strength and helps reduce stress. It doesn’t require a lot – a couple of hours per week is more than sufficient to boost your immunity and strength. If you want a more structured exercise regimen, try tai chi, yoga, or even kickboxing. Health and fitness clubs all over the globe offer classes led by experts.


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