Wie kann man stark sein in einer grausamen Welt?

People Power und mentales Stärkekonzept

In a moment everything in your life can turn around. In the middle of a happy relationship, suddenly someone appears on earth and does their best to pull the two of you apart. During a journey, or experience, hidden dangers arise you might not have been aware of. Why do these occur? How can we combat them?

When everything seems to be falling apart

When a dear friend of mine found herself suddenly alone on her honeymoon, it was as though her whole world fell apart. Gripped by fear, confusion and isolation, it took her a long while to understand where to turn and how to sort through the endless emotions that flooded her heart. Friends and family were initially reassuring, but soon became irritated with her inability to continue.

We must all learn how to go on. We have to learn both psychological and mental tools which enable us to stand strong in almost any circumstance. Some of those tools are obvious. Others, not so much. An important tool we have to develop is faith in ourselves.

Faith in ourselves

The ability to trust what our soul is saying. So many will attempt to let you doubt what you truly know in your heart. They’ll encourage you not to focus on your deeper feelings, to go along with the crowd. This is never good information. Your thoughts and feelings should be respected. They’re there for a reason. They can and will guide you wisely in case you understand how to listen to them.

The first step then in locating real security, is to make yourself the “authority” in your own life. Trust and listen to what’s happening inside of you. Validate it. Act on it. Explore whatever has to be explored. The more you trust yourself, the more powerful you will feel. The more powerful you are, the more insight will be prepared to come your way. Another vital step in finding true security is to understand who and what to focus on.

Interior steering mechanism

At a time of tragedy, many things will attempt to require our attention and energy. Many of them are diversions and only bring confusion to your own life. You have to learn how not to focus on people who steer you the wrong way. It is easy to find out that these are, by again, being mindful of how they make you feel. Does the individual, advice or situation make you feel powerful and whole inside? Or, does this create more confusion and pain?

We’re all given an interior steering mechanism that helps us sort out what’s true for us and what not. The more we use that mechanism, the more powerful it’ll be in our own lives. And the less we’ll find ourselves drifting on a single detour or another.