Wie kann man sich bewusst sein, dass man sicher ist?

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There are lots of enclosed areas where you might be attacked, but that aren’t mentioned in many self-defense applications or teachings. The regions I speak of are the ELEVATOR, the people TOILET and vacant RAILWAY CARRIAGES. Among the disadvantages you might have in one of these places is you won’t be able to maintain that 5-foot distance between you and them.

Fangen wir an

Your plan will therefore be based on a close encounter. In one of these areas, it’s very likely he would have chosen you as an easy target, so don’t look down or cowed when you’re confronted. If this psychopath strikes you at the very instant he enters the elevator, toilet or carriage, and it has caught you by surprise, then you’re most likely to be in serious trouble.

If his action is to attempt and overpower you, than use your natural weapons to defend your self – hammer punch to the side of his face, use your thumbs to press to his eyes when he’s close to your face, or you can head butt him or use your elbow to attack him in the exact places. If he has not taken you by surprise and is on the point of attacking or catching you, then keep your self-control and on top of your voice shout,”STOP” or”WAIT” or”HOLD IT.”

Natural instinct

It’s a natural instinct for a individual to momentarily (a matter of a two or three seconds) STOP, or WAIT, giving you that golden chance to utilize your natural weapons OR to use your self-defense firearms against him – your pepper spray, the Kubotan, your car keys, unbreakable umbrella or walking stick, along with other devices you might have on you, BUT, if he has a knife and is approaching you, you need to shout as loudly as you can STOP or WAIT; it’s crucial to acquire those few moments to strike him in his most vulnerable places.

Again, it’s crucial that you practice this with a friend, critically training this, going through the striking routine and knowing where to attack him in those deadly areas around the body. Remember, you don’t have any time to consider this; when the chance presents itself, you just do it. Tip – if he puts his hands on you or is going to catch you, make a catch for any one of his fingers, hold it very closely and move to bend it back, forcing him on his knees. Maintain the pressure whilst you pull the emergency chord, if you’re in a elevator, then pick another floor or a floor in which you know people would be present. If he tries to fight, kick his kneecap very seriously, his ankle or the top portion of his leg.

Was ist zu tun?

Something else you can do, if he’s sitting next to you and tightly squeezes your leg or arm, then it is possible to very forcefully strike a blow with your knuckles into the upper portion of his hands; when he spreads his fingers in pain, then catch his finger. Before you enter any one of these areas, look around the area: is it left, is it late in the day and do you have an uneasy feeling? Always stay awake, always listen to your intuition. Let your instincts guide you through those locations – entering an ELEVATOR.

You’re extremely unlikely to be attacked in several commercial or occupied areas, but the regions you should possibly be alert to are: multi-story car park lifts, high-rise flats and other multi-level elevators not often used. Know exactly which floor you’re going too; if you’re visiting a friend, let them know you’re on your way up. Stand back from the doors as you’re waiting. This permits you to keep an eye on whoever else might want to use the elevator. If you receive a slightly uneasy feeling from anybody prior to getting in the elevator, then do not enter it and pretend that you’ve forgotten something.

Dies tun

Stand by the control panel in the elevator. Get off in a floor that’s not your destination if you’re uncomfortable. Take the next elevator up or down. If you hear a couple of people bantering in a bathroom, don’t enter unless it’s in a busy place and there are others entering that bathroom. If you’re desperate to go and you feel somewhat uncomfortable, then have your pepper spray ready with you.

Take the cubical or stand closest to the entrance doorway; don’t utilize the furthest cubical or stand in any bathroom. Long late-night journeys in an empty railway carriage. If you would like to unwind and have a carriage to your own, then take the precaution of sitting closest to the door and don’t let yourself go to sleep.

Be conscious of anybody walking down the corridor who might be searching for a lonely, singly-occupied carriage. Be conscious of anyone walking behind you when you walk down the corridor to go to the bathroom; he may try to catch you from behind and push you to the toilet. These precautions are very much part of your Avoidance and Awareness regular, rather than a permanent state of being paranoid of the world around you. Be guided by your instincts and plenty of common sense at all times.