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There is absolutely no doubt that the roles and the hats that women are wearing are ever changing. Women aren’t only becoming a significant contributor at work, however in politics, society and the global community aswell. All these hats that people wear inside our roles and responsibilities could make us just a little crazy sometimes, at least in accordance with researcher David Meyer of the University of Michigan.

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In accordance with Meyer, multitasking can result in burnout, depression and anxiety. Not just that but Dr. Don Colbert, christian and author physician, states that 70% of most doctor’s visits are stress related. This is a time for just a little self-examination maybe. How are you currently doing in the self-care, life balance department?


I want to ask you a few pre-determined questions.

  • On a scale of 1 to ten, where can be your stress level at this time?
  • Exactly what will eventually you in the event that you continue as of this known degree of stress, six months, year from now one?
  • What exactly are your good friends, family saying about you as well as your schedule?
  • When was the final time you’d fun really?
  • Where can you think it is hard to state “no”? What may be keeping you from saying “no”?

Unfortunately, I discover that a lot of women I life and business coach score suprisingly low with regards to self-care and life balance. Too as women we have been great at looking after everybody often, serving everybody else and placing ourselves last on the list. This is often true at work even. When we look after everyone else at our very own expense, we not merely hurt ourselves but we deny others the chance to grow, mature and do some plain things they have to do for themselves.

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More importantly, if we have been giving and giving always, eventually our very own personal well will run dry then. As a Christian Life Coach I often remind my clients that the best commandment Jesus gave us had not been and then love God with all that people have but to love our neighbors as our-self. Self-love is in the equation definitely. You matter, your well-being matters & most it matters to God importantly.

So i want to offer five ways of consider to obtain moving in the proper direction of self-care and greater life balance.

  • Make Self-Care important! Everyone’s demand of time differs; however, one issue remains exactly the same. If we are likely to gain more balance inside our life we need to to obtain intentional and create a plan. It must turn into a priority or you won’t happen just. We do make time for things that are essential really. Why not put yourself on the list and at the very top maybe. Put “you” on your own calendar, each day even if it really is limited to 15 minutes. Schedulae an appoitment with yourself. A scheduled appointment with you is simply as important as your son’s soccer or your daugher’s basektball game.
  • Utilize joy! When I ask a lot of women what they enjoy doing or what they love doing, they will have trouble answering me often. To me, that is clearly a good indication they are overworked and overstressed fairly. What lights you up? Why is you smile? What can you love and revel in doing? What did you do as a kid? Time and energy to play. Time and energy to have fun and find out the youngster in you. Give yourself permission to possess fun!
  • Figure out how to say “No”! You might discover that you prefer it! What exactly are some plain things you can do to generate some space plus some healthy boundaries on your own? Maybe- “No” to answering the telephone during the night. No compared to that committee. You obtain the essential idea.
  • Require help! Women usually do not typically like achieving this but requesting help not merely helps us out and minimizes a few of our stress load but is effective to others aswell. That is true in families with children especially. Responsibility spread around could be a positive thing for co-workers and also for kids!
  • Reside in the brief moment. I believe there’s great value in surviving in the brief moment and enjoying each moment. It’s the creative art to be within life. Learning how exactly to shut out the do lists or tomorrow’s project from our thoughts and just savor as soon as of enjoyment or pleasure isn’t only a helpful exercise in working with stress but a really great way to call home.


The best thing about all these strategies is they don’t need to be expensive as well as time consuming. They do have to be intentional and thoughtful. Whenever we make the proper time and energy to give ourselves just a little tender loving care, I really believe we not merely benefit from the ride of life a bit more, but we’ve more to provide to ones we have been called to influence, our families, our business, world and communities. Janet G. Daughtry is really a certified Christian Life and Business coach focusing on helping women move forward from limited thinking to unlock their life’s potential.