How To Awake The Feminine?

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The growth of womanhood is closely connected with awakening the feminine in all of us. The lead in this direction must come from the womenfolk. Only in the event you come together as one unified force we could consider the rise of a new age based on the female principle of life. You’re the pure carrier of the female principle.

Mother Nature

It has bestowed women with the female energy of compassion, love, healing and nurturing which contributes to unification of every aspect of life whether at the individual level or at the higher degree of the planet. For Awakening the female in you, the requirement is for self-awareness and self-discovery. This needs to be done at the physical, psychological, intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels.

At the physical level this self-discovery and self-awareness throws an chance to delve into areas between the female beauty, hygiene and care. But before that it’s important to comprehend why we need awakening the feminine in us. It’s an established scientific fact that both the male and the female sex are bestowed with the masculine and the feminine principles.

Masculine principle

The masculine principle acts through the reptilian brain within us and it’s the portion of our mind or the subconscious part of our brain which controls the flight or fight reactions and all of the primitive forces such as anger, ego, fear, jealousy, hatred, violence and selfish action. This has caused the introduction of a patriarchal society based on power and control. In this setup there’s a entire suppression of the female principle in addition to the female gender itself. We will need to see that the period of evolution has arrived.

It’s now very much essential for us especially guys to become self-aware and comprehend the consequences of their actions primarily dependent on the masculine principle. The requirement is for awakening the feminine. If you look at the early human development, nature had triumphed in men the masculine principle in bigger proportions by default as that is observed in the majority of the animal kingdom.

Gut zu wissen

Those times demanded that sort of excessive masculine force due to the conditions that prevailed. It was a time when humankind was dealing with a harsh world where rapid action and decisions needed to be obtained for survival. Either you’re the hunter or you became the hunted. But as evolution has happened through time, humanity has come to be highly distinctive from the rest of the animal kingdom and it’s the predominant species in the world having a capacity to think, to feel and then act.

It’s a species with much greater source of intelligence that has the psychological, emotional, intellectual and spiritual intelligence. No other species in the world has undergone such a quick and fast paced evolutionary change. The point is that no longer we need the dominant force of the masculine principle as that we needed in the first days of development. The reason for it’s simple. Humanity has surpassed the survival mode and it’s currently in a phase where it’s exploring the secrets and truths of nature for its further development and advancement.

The truth

Nature’s secrets and truth can’t be understood or demonstrated with a quick phased reactionary approach which is for selfish needs. It requires a deeper level of understanding and connect with the world to understand nature’s will, to flow with it and to be one with it. Once that happens, nature will show a lot of the puzzles that it currently withholds from us may be which we aren’t able to listen when nature wishes to convey it to us. To be in sync with nature we want awakening the feminine that will bring a balance of the masculine and feminine principles in all people.

Therefore it is time to proceed in an evolutionary route and discard what we do not need anymore and adopt what we need precisely the way species evolve into their normal course. For this to take place first we will need to have the knowledge and comprehension of the prevailing conditions and situation. Humanity must understand the fact that things are different.


Today the changes which are happening in the environment aren’t fast phased adjustments but slow and subtle changes affecting all people in the future instead of the immediate time period. One of the principle causes of the stagnation and chaos that we see around the world is as a result of this occurrence of not recognizing the slow pattern of change that occurs around us now. This is so different from the situation and surroundings of our early development when we needed to use more of our manly reptilian mind for coping in the rapid phased configurations of day to day survival.

Today we will need to think a good deal before jumping into ruthless action. We will need to consider how our actions will affect us, our neighbors, the society, the planet and the future of the planet. For this sort of long duration and inclusive thinking we want awakening the feminine and a balance between the masculine and feminine principles of nature.

But the issue is that we continue to stay on with the masculine principle as the chief force and that’s becoming manifested in the society as a behavioral pattern that’s exploitative, manipulative, selfish and self-destructive in character. This is directly manifesting in the mindset that we’re casting in the society and the world today. We are in need of course correction to prevent a complete collapse of human civilization. For this women will need to take the lead in production and establishment of a new world order that is more balanced and in sync with nature. It requires awakening the female that is so much natural to women and that may be transmitted through them easily to the whole humanity for a balance that’s so much required.

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