Wie wird man nicht zum Opfer?

Ein Wahnsinniger oder Verbrecher greift ein Opfer auf einer schrecklichen, nächtlichen Straße an.

gegen Frauen ist konstant, weil Mädchen oft als leichte Ziele angesehen werden. Verstanden als die Schwächeren , viele Täter women publicly. Unfortunately, sexist view is wrong but many women and men believe it.

Was ist zu tun?

To assume women are little easy prey would consequently assert that men are stronger and always the attackers. In the long run it isn’t small versus big, but planning versus surprise. Women are victims since they’re taken by surprise and in a vital moment, they don’t know what to do.

What do -Defense Tactics do for You? If someone grabbed you from behind, do you know what to do? If you were trapped against a wall, how do you escape? If you do not know the answers to those questions, you’re in danger of becoming a statistic of a violent physical and/or . Although you can not change the old , you may change your mentality. A rapist will still stalk you but you do not need to be his next victim. Are you prepared to take another step? Turn towards your TV. Right in front of you is your solution. There are a couple programs devoted to teaching women how to defend themseves.

can be your best threat in the minutes before an assault. Those few seconds of confusion and since you suddenly understand what’s happening to you can cause you to become petrified. You might feel that the worst is unavoidable and, therefore, your body stiffens from the attacker. This is a natural reaction. The objective isn’t to rid yourself of this fear but to get beyond it. That will come in and go out as fast because you know you’ve been trained by the best.

Taking charge

With , you’ll be capable of protecting yourself by a masked figure toward you with a . Mentally, you’re operating through the steps to divert the attack. You’re imagining a strategy of success. Your eyes and your body language say you’re ready to stop being the victim.

Powering up with adrenaline

Life-saving DVDs can enable you to channel your adrenaline into your bodily defenses. If a mother can lift a car off her child with adrenaline in her veins, you can, at least, take down a 300 pound robber with a serious to the groin. Don’t let yourself become a victim as soon as you’re able to learn to be a survivor. Stop the attack before it starts with a great self-defense program.


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