Wie ist der Geist einer Frau?

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Put your hand over your heart, feel it beat, feel it pulsate life through your body and know with absolute certainty that there was a reason Higher Power put you on this Earth. There are a lot of women feeling isolated cut struggling, without assistance, without hope for a brighter future, without the knowledge and skills to step forward into a new life.

Woman’s soul

They do not know it but they’ve soul within them Woman’s soul a legacy of girls gone before them blazing paths of determination and courage. These are but a few in a long list of reasons why girls lose their spirit. So what can you do to alter the course of the end so that you can once more listen to your heart song? Bottom line attempting to control your entire world is futile shift occurs to everybody even the Pope.

Events beyond your control will happen, people will do things that you might not like you won’t have the ability to stop them and instead of pushing against the present wearing yourself out perhaps it may be better to find out which way the wave is moving and how you are able to flow with it and be transported to your destination.

Berücksichtigen Sie

Drowning people struggle they will cling to anything and anyone in their fear. Let go and let God Higher Power Goddess (whatever your founder of choice) let go and hope, have a breath and hope. When you let go of expectations you open yourself up to all possibilities. When you let go of expectations others are free to be themselves . When you let go of expectations you’re ready to be carried with the tide changing course if need be not limited by any preconceived ideas of what things should look like.

But be warned letting go entails risk it entails believing in yourself and in something greater than yourself. It involves forgiveness of others (people not activities ) and entails letting go of guilt shame unhealthy routines old messages and forgiving yourself and accepting your humanity the imperfections that make up the greatness of who you are. Letting go means you won’t have some ammunition to fight with no bitterness, no regrets, and no psychological swords to swing at people who cross you.

Let go

Letting go means being at peace with your world and everything within it. How can you let go? Give and take see the subject arising, give and take that is what life is all about not push and pull none and mine not everything or nothing. Give and take the gentle ebb and flow of life as the tide comes in and the tide goes out. Now ask who am I? What are my dreams? What foods do I enjoy what colours? What gives me pleasure? What makes me sad? What makes me mad? How do I see myself when I look in the mirror? What do I think about my world? Is it wonderful? Is it filled with hope? Is it getting any better? Might it be desolate and barren of love?


You need to know the ‘actual’ you the warts and all you. You need to be’real’ with yourself need to know all there is to know about your belief system your worth and you need to write it all down. Then you must do a cross check is that me or this my past or is that someone else’s belief about me or someone else’s perception of what I am? Give yourself a pat on the back your greatness is showing and that is okay. Proceed what exactly does that mean? What are you meant to proceed to? Where are you meant to go to? What does all this have to do with finding your girl soul? Let’s go back a little. So what are you going on also?