How Is The Life Of A Business Owner And Mother?

As I sit here in the dark, I thought it may be a great idea to write a small glimpse into my life as a company owner, wife and mom of two small ones. Our son just turned three and our daughter is six months. I am currently enjoying the time in our daughter’s life that doesn’t allow me a complete night of sleep.

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My husband was a stay-at-home father when our son was born and now I am attempting to accept the burden of our daughter’s night time feedings. I’m awake as my husband, daughter, and son are asleep since many times I find myself waiting till I know that the whole house is asleep and comfortable before I could sleep. I then begin watching TV and get stuck in a series. I believe he does. Lord, they have sufficient stuff lying around their lawn to look like it.

The main reason I chose to write this melodrama that’s my day is because I need those of you going through exactly the exact same thing to know that you’re not alone. It can be done, and has been done by others. Know that you can do this if you take baby steps. Allow me to tell of a normal day in the life span of this Viteri. Pronounced “V-Terry” by-the-way. I know, I know. I tell my husband all the time, he left my life complex with that name. I was a Carter.

My days

My day begins with the morning wake up which normally starts around 4am when my daughter begins stirring in her bed. I go to “plug” her with her pacifier and HOPEFULLY help her drift back off to sleep. Then I crawl back into my bed before that dreadful sound of the alarm starts, which I immediately smack to stifle the buzzing that’s breaking my much needed sleep. Shortly after, I hear little feet coming to my area.

I try to remain absolutely still to show me I’m sleeping but does this matter? No! Then I hear “Mommy. Get up. Mooooooommyyyyyy. Get up. It’s time to go.” Uhhhhh. Fine! I must get up. I go get my daughter who’s currently making cute little morning noises in her bed and bring her back to snuggle with the family for a couple of short minutes, grabbing for her brother’s face and hair. A couple of minutes after I give my stunning sleeping husband a couple of quick kicks to the butt to get him moving and we’re off and running; loading up the children and their bags. Now, to switch from wife and mommy-mode to business woman and specialist.


A day of direction, web-site design and SEO research, marketing strategies, cost reduction, and earnings starts. I have an accounting firm, possessions firm, merchant services firm, and marketing enterprise. I like to see those small business owners who get to work at 11 only to leave at 2. Oh how I despise them. LOL. Actually, I see it is their right to choose when to come and go but they will need to see that if they don’t put in the time, their company won’t just start to go stagnant, but if they’re not careful, their rivalry will consume them. I wish to continuously grow my business, expand, and stay ahead.

This is what keeps me in the workplace as much as I could afford. I’m blessed to have my kids at my workplace, but my husband and I made it that way. We decided early on that we wanted the kids there. Because we are so devoted to growing and building our business, we must spend the hours. Having our kids with us enables us to do this without sacrificing the necessary time together. Every break we take could be spent together and I really like going back and kissing and holding them whenever I need. With this said, I understand we’re in the minority. We made the choice to make less and pay more for child care at work. I’ll live as a one-car family watching what we spend, if it means my kids can be with us in the workplace.

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Some might think, as does my grandparents,”Your kids will need to be around other kids to be healthy and happy.” Ask anyone who has been around my son and they’ll tell you that he is a little social butterfly. He greets individuals who come in the workplace. He plays with their kids. He entertains the whole office on a daily basis. On Saturdays, he wakes us up in the morning asking if he can go to “his office” We work a good deal, yes, but we’re a happy group. Now for the day. Around 6 or 7 we’re headed home.

We can make it home without needing to reach back to give our daughter a bottle while riding home to keep her from crying on the excursion. We walk in the door and I start to create dinnernot for dinner, but for the following day. We eat all meals in the workplace so the children don’t eat too late in the day. Every other day I attempt to make biscuits. We’re health-conscious so the more I can make myself, the better, including chocolate chip “Splenda” biscuits.

The hubby does his role and several times will mix the components, do the dishes, take care of laundry, catch the baby when she isn’t pleased about being in her small tight, or anything else that needs cared for, but mother is the adhesive and the manager of the chaos that is our day. It’s then time for bathrooms, prayers, and bed or at the struggle that begins over not wanting to go to bed. Then it settles down to a quiet stir.


So here I sit at 10:30 at night writing to you and considering the fact that if I go to bed now, I’ve about 3 hours until Caroline wakes up for her bottle. I state this not to frighten those of you that are unmarried and living it up, but to encourage people that are in exactly the exact same boat. I wish to let you know that you aren’t alone. I love what I heard after. When guys are executives or business owners, it’s anticipated that their job will take them away from their families and the wives must take up the slack. When moms are in this position, we’re still expected to be the mother and wife we constantly were together with trying to climb that corporate ladder or take our businesses into great heights. Sorry ladies, that is life. And hey, we can take pride in knowing that the men can’t do it and we could.