How Is A Woman’s Day?

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Allow me to tell you about my day. Rise and shine groggily at 5:30am. Put a load of washing in the washer. Make sure all the glasses and other small things lying around are eliminated from sight and dishes are washed.

New day

Wake up another half to get in the shower to make it to work on time. While he’s getting dressed and putting on all of the nice smelling thingsoff I go to start the car so that it can idle for a few minutes, to heat up particularly for those cold Winter mornings. I want to get warmed up not the vehicle.

Off my little darling goes to work, to make a living and off I run to make sure washing which is cleaned, gets on the line so I can get myselfcleaned up for a day in the office. Lunch time comes and I make a rather hurried dash for home, take all clean clothing off the line until it rains or another act of nature, destroys the clean clothing.


Try to be certain my two amazing colleagues, which incidentally are also single and men at that get something to eat, as I am scared to death that they’ll live off fast foods and don’t get enough vitamins in their systems. Eventually it’s about 17:00pm and I am now permitted to leave the establishment merely to go home and start thinking about what to make for supper.

Have you noticed that no one can give a helping hand at the thoughts category on what to cook? Start the meal and then honey gets home and shoes are removed and left precisely where he’s sitting. Obviously I have the same bad habit but I’m allowed the indiscretion as I get to clean up everything after.

What’s next?

Food is prepared and dished up and what I spent hours cooking has eaten in a few minutes. Then begins the cleaning of the dishes and making sure the kitchen is spotless. Eventually it’s currently 20:30 and I can finally sit down with my glass of wine and take a look at whatever’s on the telly, a small amount of comfort and what do you think I’m asked? What do you do all day that you’re so tired?

Am I the only person who missed that he’s exhausted and yet I haven’t done anything all day to feel the strain, of needing to go to bed to rest my weary brain, it’s in there somewhere. This behavior is what turns women into alcoholics or nagging, screaming, like a shrew that wants to rant and rave like a lot of teenagers. We ask for is a little bit of tender loving care and some admiration. I know it isn’t so much to ask. So give me what I need and I are the cuddly loving lady that treats you like a King, even in the event you get treated like you on a daily basis, it will only be more pleasant with the dirty looks flying about.

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