Wie bauen wir eigentlich unsere Immunität auf?

Nahaufnahme von Hand hält gelbes Blatt der Herzform mit Sonnenstrahlen durch sie auf hellblauem Himmel Hintergrund scheint. Ich liebe das Konzept des Herbstes. Raum kopieren

There’s absolutely not any doubt that a strong immune system is a simple key to the overall wellness. If your resistance suddenly weakens you’re more likely to grab a flue. People whose immune system is extremely weak for quite a long time can even die of a flu – or create serious illnesses including cancer.

An example

when a woman undergoes a smear test and the results reveal quite little, borderline changes on her cervix, physicians do not panic. She’s advised to go home and return in six months for another test. In the majority of the cases, the cervix cells return to normal by themselves. In case the problem persists or gets worse, the treatment is needed. That shows us how our immune system can fight the malicious processes in our body and provide it self explanatory. The tiny changes will appear if your system gets weaker – and there might be several reasons for that.

Stress, a sudden lifestyle change, season (less sunlight and more melancholy in winter), too much stress at work. When the crisis goes off and we’re more relaxed, the body goes back to normal also. If this crisis continues and we are not able to fight against it, in sense of being not able to address the issue and return to the relaxed phase again, the body will be too weak to fight its internal threads too. We come to an intriguing correlation – if we have the ability to fight, our body is able to fight also.

Was bedeutet das?

It basically means that if we aren’t afraid to confront our problems and fix them to our pride, our body will also have the ability to confront the attacks of germs, viruses and malicious cells. If we give up in our everyday life, our body will even begin giving up. We often hear that our generation has significantly weaker immunity compared to the creation of our grandads. Is it possible that previous generations can solve conflicts and problems better than us? The solution is – yes, it’s possible.

Everything begins already in our early youth, because the immune system has built in the very first days of our life. And we must agree there’s a difference in how that our grandads were raised and the way we grew up – and even larger difference we could spot in how we’re raising our own kids. Our grandads had to walk to school two km in any weather. We used to have bruises when analyzing the bushes. But when it comes to our own children, we won’t permit them to go for a walk if there’s too much sun or too much cold and we advise them not to go through the bush since there may be thorns, snakes, snakes and other potential and impossible dangers happening each step.

Berücksichtigen Sie

Well, we can’t be blamed for that. We’re a lot more educated than our grandads were in their times, so we know quite well what could happen, as we heard something like that had occurred before to somebody else. We read a lot, we hear a lot. And needless to say, we want to protect our kids and prevent everything that has the potential to harm them. But sometimes we go too far. We wish to protect our kids not just from physical injury, but also from any psychological discomfort they may experience.

And here comes our error. Certain circumstances, appropriately to the child’s age, a child should learn how to confront and resolve on his own – obviously with our support and advice. The society has now a solid appeal on values of kindness and peace, any indication of aggression becomes condemned. We want our kids to be considerate and kind – therefore we rather suggest them to run from a conflict since it’s the only way how to remain polite and prevent emotional harm at exactly the exact same time. We forget how much we really learned from our own struggles and we do not realize our kids are also going through their own classes.

Nobody enjoys arguments

but if somebody wants to argue with us or behaves in an arrogant and improper manner, we can’t stay silent. And we also need to teach our kids to stand up for themselves and talk. With teaching our kids to confront the issues, sort out and conquer their psychological harms we’re raising people with a strong mind and constant emotions. That will enable them to manage critical situations when larger and independently. And it is going to also build them a excellent immune system as a strong mind is creating a strong body.