Wie wird eine Frau ökonomisch mündig?

Glücklich, zusammen zu arbeiten. Ein Paar junger afrikanischer amerikanischer Geschäftspartner, die lächeln und Blickkontakt aufnehmen. Kopierraum

Women empowerment is known as a very narrow term in the world today. Women’s empowerment should focus on the holistic manifestation of womanhood and the female with a wish to bring a perfect balance between the masculine and the feminine forces of the character irrespective of sex.


Thus women’s empowerment must transcend the sex and reach the whole of humanity to establish a matriarchal society based on creative and generative action. Such a social order ought to be determined by the principles of compassion, love, nurturing and with a goal of unifying the forces of nature. For this to occur in reality the principal requirement is the social, economic, spiritual and political empowerment of women. Women have to come from their houses and actively take part in reshaping the society.

We will need to see that the more economically, socially, religiously and politically empowered the women becomes, the more confident she becomes articulating her thoughts and more productive she becomes in her activities. This leads to her becoming involved in taking decisions for her loved ones, the society, the nation and the world together with her counterparts which is guys.

But this isn’t the fact as we see now. Today’s constructions are still patriarchal in character that’s based on power and control. In this sort of setup there’s a visible or invisible glass ceiling for women. Women can’t move up the ladder beyond some point. That’s why all the significant power structures in all walks of life are still controlled by men. The consequences of the lop-sided male dominated structures are enormous to see.

Womanhood and the whole of the female gender are marginalized in this sort of setup. Further these patriarchal structures are responsible for the branch of their society and they promote exceptionally self-oriented materialistic structures based on manipulations rather than ending exploitation of natural resources.


Women empowerment in all walks of life will bring the essential balance that’s required in nature. It will aid in promoting structures that are more inclusive, innovative, creative, constructive and generative in character and that are in sync with nature. There’s a long way still to go before we see Women empowerment become a reality. Economic empowerment of women is the first step towards this direction. The more the girl becomes more economically empowered, the more innovative she becomes in the other spheres of life.