Hat die Gesellschaft die Frauen wirklich emanzipiert?

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While the Vatican talks about washing machines as being the major force leading to the liberation of woman, yet millions of women in Eastern and Asian nations live from day to day with no freedom. They’re seen as little more than chattels belonging to their husbands and are kept completely under male domination.


Even tropical islands like Vanuatu. Millions of girls live being denied access to education, consigned to the home, all freedom of expression strictly curtailed, dress codes enforced, the freedom to speak freely with guys not permitted and a general disapproval of women being found in almost any position of authority. However, it’s only a couple of years ago that girls weren’t encouraged to acquire higher education, even in Western culture.

After all women were just going to mess around and possibly work for a couple of years, prior to getting married and staying at home to care for the family. Why waste a college education on them? What then has caused the shift to where women in the Western world feel they’ve been given their freedom? Is it really the washing machine, as the Vatican recently announced, that made the difference? Equal opportunity for women has many girls, permitting them to take a significant role in Western culture.

Gut zu wissen

The anonymity and world-wide range of the Internet and Cyber Space continues to be another significant contributing element. Women can now work at home, but if they choose, then can be sexless and nameless. Maybe though, it’s time to acknowledge the pendulum may have swung too far, with many antifeminist activists claiming the feminist movement today seeks a higher status for women compared to men. Serious traditional intellectuals like Allan Graglia and Carlson Carolyn consider that the reversal of women’s role, from being mostly mothers, to self-identified professionals, has created a social disaster that has been taking its toll on the family.

Many now believe there’s an anti-male discrimination in the areas of child custody, reproductive rights, alimony and property division, in messy divorce settlements. Antifeminists are quick to point to the marked increase in divorce and the breakdown of family relationships as having been shaped by the influence of the feminist movement. Other women are quick to market the company woman, girls as leader versions, as well encouraging girls into competitive environments, notwithstanding the fact that girls sometimes receive’preferential treatment’ in the kind of being allowed lower physical requirements in certain professions, such as military and rescue services.


In the end, it is going to be the male domination, nor the feminist, nor anti feminist movements, that will make a difference to families in the years ahead, but the legalization of same sex unions. The planet is in a fervent of change for both women and men.


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