Behandelt tägliche Bewegung die Perimenopause?

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The stark reality is that when perimenopause strikes, there’ll absolutely be a hormonal imbalance. Women like us want to be aware of it so that we do not get scared. Information is the key to a successful management of these indicators. We search high and low for the symptomatic remedies.

Fangen wir an

We might have tried those recommended to us by our physicians like low-dose contraceptive pills, estrogen patches, HRTs (hormone replacement therapies), etc.. We might also have tried out alternative medicine, especially herbs such as black cohosh, ginseng, flax seed oil, etc.. And there were times that we felt it did not work. How do I know about that? Because I believed that too. I kept racking my brains as to why the treatments were not working.

Then a friend pointed out to me that I was still maintaining the same lifestyle before I got to perimenopause – I ate what I wanted with no care about what it could do to me, I smoked, and I never exercised. So I decided to change. I quit smoking. I cared for my diet. But I had a very tough time with the exercise. Lazy bones I might be, but in contrast to running around, nothing still beats the comfort of my own bed or sofa.

So, what to do?

Eventually though, I realized that the symptoms were not going anytime soon, so I tried to drag myself out of bed each morning. For it to work, I knew I needed help. So I called up my best friend (also in perimenopause) and ordered for a”walking workout” with her each morning. For at least 30 minutes a day everyday, we walked round the block. I got to thinking, this was not so bad. After about a month, we walked, but I added a new exercise to my regimen – brisk walking.

It did wonders for my posture also. I felt great so after a few weeks, I stopped the walking, and suggested to my friend that we run instead. It’s ideal to run at about 6 or 7 in the morning while the air is still fresh; the oxygen content is highest at this time. I’d have wanted to run at the shore, but since we did not have that, we chose to stick with our neighborhood that had plenty of trees – great, additional sources of oxygen, also.


As of this moment, the exercise is what is making me feel far better. Needless to say, there are still times that I might need my occasional herbal tea to stop or fight off hot flashes, particularly when warning bells are ringing. But I have never felt so alive due to these simple daily exercises. I get very good blood flow, oxygen gets to my lungs in excellent condition and untarnished, I seldom get mood swings today and the best aspect of all, I’m losing a couple of additional pounds in the procedure.