Brauchen Sie ein Pfefferspray zur Selbstverteidigung?

Mann zielt und sprüht Pfefferspray mit sichtbarem Nebel auf schwarzem Hintergrund

Pepper spray is a favorite self-defense spray that’s rather well known in assisting its user from potentially harmful or dangerous circumstances, though it’s been observed sometimes that having a can of it and using it in an improper way may result in more problems than solutions.


This article provides tips on how best to use it for self-improvement functions. No matter the kind of mace spray you purchase or own, it’s important to not forget to always be aware of your surrounding before putting it to use. Another important element to bear in mind is that it must always be stored in readily accessible locations.


This self-defense merchandise is very useless is its left in the bottom of your handbag or of your vehicle. There are lots of different helpful suggestions on pepper spray and its usage, however when purchasing this product from an internet store it is strongly recommended that you shop around and make the purchase from an internet shop that specializes specifically with this self-defense spray and nothing else.

Knowledgeable providers or sellers are better positioned to answer any questions you might have on the goods and make appropriate recommendations on which spray is best likely to fit your requirements. Most pepper spray manufacturers available on the market have a shelf life span of 2 to 4 decades.

However, as a conservative measure it’s generally suggested that pepper spray owners replace their can once each year. This permits you to utilize your died one as a training device. You may practice on how to use this self-defense product by locating a target image online, printing it and mounting it up on a mind high tree or tree.


It’s important to be certain to stand up end of the goal, aim for the eyes and attempt a couple of second bursts at a time to make certain that you omit blow back effect and aim it in a place its most likely to work. Pepper spray users should keep from holding out their hands in front of them. Though this may look like the first obvious way to frighten an attacker, in addition, it allows the attacker an opportunity to knock away your arm, grab the can and use it on you. It’s typically suggested that you take a step backward allowing for them to collect their wits, catch the powerful pepper spray and aim for the assailants face.

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Yelling stop! Help! Or police! Normally will help to confuse your attacker and provide that much-needed time to get away. Doing some also alerts people around the area that you’re in need of assistance.